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Teen boy shaving. Electric shaver?

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Teapot74 · 19/03/2015 09:27

DS (13) has needed to do his upper lip for a while and wet shaves it with no fuss. The bum fluff on the rest of his face is really getting to that point. I'm worried about wet shaving spreading spots and envisioning 1/2 a bog roll stuck to his face. Would it be better for him to use an electric shaver? DH has never used one so wasn't much help! (if rec electric could anyone rec a brand/ model?) TIA

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Dumpylump · 19/03/2015 09:32

Both my teen dss have electric razors - mainly because I was concerned they might cut their faces to ribbons if they were wet shaving! Also though, it seems much easier and quicker when you've just got the "bum fluff" to contend with. One is a Philips (was a birthday present from gps for older ds) and was quite expensive, and the other is a Remington, and I got it from Boots when they had a half price on selected electricals thing on.
They both seem to do the job, and both boys seem quite happy.
Boots seem to do special offers on electric razors quite frequently so I would look out for them - I was amazed when I saw how expensive they could be...some were a couple of hundred pounds!

Teapot74 · 19/03/2015 09:34
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Dumpylump · 19/03/2015 09:38

That's not the same as ds1s, but it is v similar. He's had his for a couple of years now.

Otherpeoplesteens · 19/03/2015 10:25

The problem with electric shavers is that most of them obtain a close shave by lifting the hairs up slightly to cut. Usually OK for thick, well-established beards but for thinner adolescent facial hair it is a disaster as the hair retreats under the skin and doesn't have the strength to grow back out, causing ingrowing hairs and all the spot-like effects which go with it.

Additionally, because they rarely, if ever, get cleaned they tend to be good at harbouring bacteria too.

I'd strongly recommend a wet shave with a good quality shaving gel (tends to be better lubricated than foams or soaps). Razor should be one with replaceable cartridges - the disposable Bic ones don't have spring mounts for the blades so much more likely to cut. The fewer the blades the better - more blades tend to pull on thin bum fluff more. Gillette Sensor or Sensor Excel is much better for teens than the Fusion range as well as being a lot cheaper.

As long as he's reasonably careful and doesn't try it when he's drunk/hungover etc self interest will ensure the cutting is kept to a minimum.

After every shave blast water through the cartridge to clear out the debris, and start every shave by immersing it in hot water. Replace blades regularly too - a blunt blade is far more likely to cut than a new sharp one. If he finds it stings get him a moisturising after shave balm (or just plain moisturiser) - spraying an alcohol-based aftershave scent is going to make it a lot worse.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday · 22/03/2015 23:48

Mine both use a cheap electric shaver. Ds2 is 17.. tash and chin bristles but not full face, DS1 is 22 full chin and tash but still nothing up the sides to his dismay Grin He tends to keep the beard as without he looks about 14.

Occasionally he does a full wet shave... and it is definitely better on his skin.

DS2 has autism and LDs and would not be safe with a razor, but we used to do his face from about 13 and now he can just about run the electric shaver over his face himself as long as I don't look too carefully :)

I'd start with electric for safety and ease of use, and then work up to wet shave!

bluevanman · 23/03/2015 00:04

Otherpeopleteens got it spot on. Electric shavers surely leave a Homer Simpson style? Maybe not on thin hair boys..?

I'd just like to add one thing and one secret I wish I knew earlier!

  1. Just because the advert says

"You can even shave against the grain!!"
Doesn't mean you ever should! Ingrown hair nightmare

  1. Whet the blade. (What you might imagine a real barber doing, stroking his blade along a piece of leather)

Except I don't use a cut-throat or cow skin.
But I do whet my cartridge blade on the inside of my arm. Say 10 strokes down my arm, then cuts even my wire beard smoothly and snag free
DisgraceToTheYChromosome · 23/03/2015 23:36


My preferred method is a Fusion and Fusion gel with a couple of drops of lavender oil underneath the gel. The cartridges last a month at least and the shave is fantastic: at least 12 hours before any hair starts coming through.

Heyho111 · 28/03/2015 09:32

My s uses a trimmer. They all seem to trim it very short at moment leaving stubble rather than shaving it all off.

MrsGuyGarvey · 28/03/2015 09:57

This is all new for me, my Ds is only just 12 but already has fluff above his top lip. At what stage should he ideally shave it?

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