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Today I tidied my teens bedroom and found.....

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myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 20:39

I'll start....

Yes, I know he is perfectly capable of doing his own room, but today DS2 (13) was away for the day and I was waiting on hospital visiting time as my Mum is very unwell, I needed something to keep me occupied so I decided to do DSs room as a treat.

He usually picks up all his laundry and clears up any rubbish on a Saturday himself as that's his responsibility but as he was away at 9am he didn't have a chance yet. We have a "no food upstairs" rule.

Anyway, apart from the dirty laundry I found:

2 empty juice bottles
1 empty smoothie carton
1 empty milk shake carton
6 empty crisp packets
3 apple cores
a pile of orange peel
1 grape
a pile of sweet wrappers
some bits of popcorn
2 plastic bowls
2 plastic cups

......and a Pringle tube full of urine Shock

We are going to have to have a talk when he gets home!

OP posts:

Cocolepew · 14/03/2015 20:44

I did DD's the other week, I was rearranging it. Amongst all the other crap I found 23 empty roll on bottles Hmm


GermaineHobnob · 14/03/2015 20:44

Pringle tube of urine Shock Envy

Why???!! Please tell me you realised what it was before you tipped it over?


GermaineHobnob · 14/03/2015 20:45

Oh and the Envy face should have been followed by - I definitely don't envy that Grin


SoupDragon · 14/03/2015 20:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Irelephant · 14/03/2015 20:47

At least it wasn't alcohol cigarettes or drugs op agree the Pringles tube is minging.


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 20:47

coco that's one clean smelling teen you must have!

Germaine the lid was on - i reached out to pick it up expecting it to be was heavy, and full of liquid - i opened and sniffed!

It's just as well he keeps his windows open and heating off. It actually didn't smell too ripe I think it must have been fresh.

OP posts:

myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 20:49

...and I have no idea why - his room is next to the Btahroom - we have 4 toilets in our house and 4 people - no-one should have to wait. or pee in a pringles tube

OP posts:

tigersack · 14/03/2015 20:49

Omg urine
Found bottles of urine in my teenage ds room!


BigRedBall · 14/03/2015 20:49

Eeew. How far is the toilet from his room? Sick. I can imagine his embarrassment when you talk to him about it Grin! Awkward!


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 20:50

yup soup

and yes at least it wasn't alcohol, drugs, cigarettes....or condoms. or loads of "used" tissues

OP posts:

shouldbeasize10 · 14/03/2015 20:50

This is nothing compared to what my mum used to find in my room. Blush

Teenagers are disgusted. Fact.

Think yourself lucky you didn't find a used condom. (used on his own I mean). Or crusty socks iyswim.

Was any of the food rotten?

Don't lay in to him. Just get him a bin for his room and nicely ask him to make it to the bathroom for his toilet trips. He'll be mortified when he comes home and finds you've tidied his room.


BigRedBall · 14/03/2015 20:51

Oh xposts. What a lazybones. Maybe it's a science experiment? You might find a tooth at the bottom.


BellMcEnd · 14/03/2015 20:51

I mucked out DS1's (8) bed today. Under his pillow I found:

4 books
A medal from sports day
A weird piece of felt he'd been doing something with at school for art
A lego man
A lip salve

I only changed it a week ten days ago!


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 20:55

None of the food was rotten as his room was tidy last Saturday - the apple cores are a surprise as he is supposed to core and slice all his apples as he has a repair to his front tooth that means he isn't suppose to bite into an apple - I find the corer/slicer thingy dirty on the counter everyday so I think he has a serious apple habit. It probably explains the 6 bags I have to buy every week.

OP posts:

tigersack · 14/03/2015 20:56

It's pure laziness Imo


Fugacity · 14/03/2015 20:58

Apart from the Pringles tube, my DD's room is the same. Our house is on the market but she does not get it.


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 21:02

yup- sheer laziness.

He is home and can see that his room is tidy but hasn't said anything. We are all tired so I think it will be a discussion for tomorrow.

there was no tooth at the bottom - I've not told DH - I think he would go mental!

OP posts:

MistressMerryWeather · 14/03/2015 21:04

Is he a gamer?

Maybe he was involved in some sort of mad tournament and he couldn't leave the computer and really needed a pee?


morethanpotatoprints · 14/03/2015 21:10

I am terrible with dcs rooms because I know they ate cleaning and tidying and I'm not doing them.

They are docked money if not perfect and no food or drink upstairs at all apart from water.
I I found urine in bottles they would be shown up on fb immediately and i'd tell everyone what a dirty get they were, that's disgusting.


ClashCityRocker · 14/03/2015 21:11

Ah, I still remember my mum cleaning out my brother's room...

she reeled of a list of various plates, mouldy glasses, crisp packets etc..

'AND that sock under your mattress has been there so long it had gone all crusty!'

He went a delight shade of puce as me and other brother sniggered in the background.

Although my schadenfreude didn't last long - I'd forgotten being sick one night into a bowl by the bed. I'd just shoved it under the bed and forgotten about it... I'd actually left home by the time mum found it.

I'm pretty sure teenagers have no sense of smell.


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 21:11

Mistress Yes!! he is a gamer - that's probably exactly it though as I say his bedroom is right next to the toliet - I can only presume that that would mean actually getting out of bed and peeing in the tube would cut that out.

Now, considering he got the pringles in his Christmas stocking, I'm now wondering if he has been using it and emptying it for months?

OP posts:

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared · 14/03/2015 21:14

eeew.. will a pringles tube really hold wee??


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 21:15

morethan we have the same rule!

Strangely for me I am not that angry with him. Its amazing how less concerned you get when you have a loved one seriously ill. I will talk to him about it but life is too short and I love him too much to be angry. It's disgusting but he hasn't hurt anyone or himself.

OP posts:

MistressMerryWeather · 14/03/2015 21:16


I am slightly worried I may have the mind of a 13 year old boy now...

How will you approach the Peengles situation? I don't envy you!


myotherusernameisbetter · 14/03/2015 21:18

ASorcerer I was surprised about how watertight it was - it was 3 quarters full too and had wee condensation on the lid!

I'd be sure that that cardboard would leak but the floor underneath was covered in crisp crumbs completely fine.

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