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Infected or normal healing?

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LlamaFace19 · 16/05/2023 08:23

Hi all. Had this done on Saturday so now on day 3. It's not as painful or swollen as it was (yesterday I couldn't even bend my arm), but now I've noticed some parts look quite gross, almost bubbly/scabbed and leaking ink? I'm just paranoid about infection 😂 I've been washing twice a day with unscented soap and moisturising with cocoa butter. This isn't my first tattoo but my first colour piece and first longer session (7 hours).

First pic is when it was done, second is today. Thank you ❤️

Infected or normal healing?
Infected or normal healing?
OP posts:
PaintedEgg · 17/05/2023 08:26

I don't think it's infected but the skin looks overworked (too many passes with a tattoo machine). Keep taking care of it and see how it heals as it may need touch-ups

if anything changes (e.g. it starts feeling hot to touch) speak to pharmacist (easier than trying to get to GP and they will be able to tell if its an infection)

Phoenix9 · 17/05/2023 08:28

Doesn't look infected to me. And I've had an infected tattoo.

Use plenty of moisturiser, and it should heal fine.

AnAngelAtMyTableWithMe · 23/05/2023 09:46

does not look infected, is it hot? I would not be washing it, I had mine covered with nappy cream and cling film for a week and they all healed really good and are still dark after almost 20 years

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