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Lazer removal

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WhyCantPeopleBeNice · 02/01/2023 21:45

About 3 years ago I had tattoo laser removal, it was exceptionally painful and after 6 sessions there was barely any difference so I stopped.
I've recently got a Philips lumea and went over my tattoo, it hurt, honestly the burn pain was on a par with the laser removal, yet on reading, the Philips lumea if anything will 'seal' the tattoo and it's advised people get tattoos removed before hair removal IF they want the tattoo removed.
Yet, as the lumea hurt as much as the laser, and after 6 sessions there was no change...I'm wondering if what I had was potentially a scam, like hair removal NOT tattoo removal and that's why it felt the same and the tattoo is still there.
If so, how do I find a genuine tattoo removal?

OP posts:
ChocolateTea · 05/02/2023 09:38

Where are you based? I’ve just started my treatment and there’s no way my therapist would allow me to get to even three sessions without noticeable difference, let alone six. Maybe people can recommend someone new for you to try?

pinksavannah · 21/03/2023 20:25

I can't comment on the Phillips machine however depending on the laser tattoo removal you had, some of the machines are used for both laser tattoo removal & laser hair removal, just at different wave lengths as it's a similar technology

Laser tattoo removal all depends on the depth of the ink, scarification, quality , colour etc. as to the results and may never fully fade

Always worth going to another specialist if you really want to go back down the laser route Smile

I can't see how the Phillips one would 'seal' a tattoo tough Hmm

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