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Please help me find a gold labret 1mm X 8mm

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FatAntelope · 08/11/2022 17:00

I've got a ring in my nose piercing which is really irritating it I'm desperate to go back to a bar but the bar I had was one of those horrible cork screw ones. I went back to the piercer which didn't have any stock but said I should order a labret 1mm X 8mm. It seems that the standard size is 1.2mm X 8mm so I haven't found anything yet.

I want something that looks gold and ideally is a moon shape but at this point I'd be just happy with any shape as long as it's gold and has the right measurements.

Thank you!!

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BeingHeldAtHunPoint · 08/11/2022 18:08

Have you tried Etsy?
You might need to go into each listing until you find what you are after but there must be something on there.

Mylittlesandwich · 08/11/2022 18:25

I love a google challenge. I believe an 18 gauge is a 1mm and this should be the right size

Lellochip · 08/11/2022 18:45

8mm might be too long for a nostril piercing, mine is 6.4mm (US sizing) so I wouldn't spend a lot on one til you've tried out for a comfortable size.

Etsy is my go to for jewellery, something like this?

or - I've bought from both of these sellers before

FatAntelope · 09/11/2022 09:58

@BeingHeldAtHunPoint I don't know why I never think of Etsy.

@Mylittlesandwich that's a beautiful one thank you. Once I'm 100% sure on size I'll go for that.

@Lellochip brilliant thanks! I've ordered the first one, hopefully it will be the right size...I do have a thick nose! 😂 Good advice on not spending a lot just yet, it won't be the end of the world of it doesn't fit. I can splash a bit more when I'm certain.

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