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Looking for nose piercing advice- piercing bump/ keloid ?

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Glitterdandruff · 25/02/2022 15:57

Hi all,long story so please bear with me! Last year I had my nostril pierced again after taking it out many years earlier, I’m late forties and had no problems with that piercing just for work reasons really. This new piercing developed a bump possibly from mask wearing when out and about so piercer said keloid and it needed her rubbing at with a cotton bud and should scab up & be fine. Couple weeks later it returned so I was advise to remove the Labret and let it heal. Ok so couple months later I thought let’s try the other side, perhaps issue was to do with two piercing in same place . Had piercing done no probs but now same thing happened after 6 weeks , so she rubbed at it with cotton bud, fine then week later it’s back! I’ve now been asked to do this at home myself for 3 days with water/ tea tree oil and see if it scabs up and heals flat .
Just wanted advice if this is common practice as I’ve seen all sorts of information online ! I’m confused about the keloid thing as I have never had a keloid scar on my ear piercings or first nose piercing ??
I’m also a bit concerned as I think she used stainless steel and other piercers seem to recommend titanium but this was not on offer. She’s v nice and studio was immaculately clean & professional , just wondering if I could be having a reaction to the metal?

OP posts:
Hannamarie0098 · 26/02/2022 20:55

That is poor advice. The bumps were most likely caused by irritation, which can occur for a number of reason; jewellery size or quality, aftercare routine, touching the jewellery or sleeping on it etc.

Your jewellery should be implant grade titanium for the best healing and an appropriate size for your anatomy. Cotton buds should be avoided and aftercare should be a sterile saline solution such as neilmed.

I recommend speaking to a better piercer as yours doesn't sound reputable. APP registered piercers are often a good start but always best to do some research too.

Hannamarie0098 · 26/02/2022 20:56

Also to add, please don't put tea tree oil on a healing piercing. This is so drying and will likely cause further irritation.

ShaneTwane · 26/02/2022 20:59

It's not a keloid. A keloid is a type of scar and does not go away without surgery. I'm sick of piercing granulomas or hypertrophic scars being referred to as keloids. It's a granuloma. Do not put tea tree oil on it please. In fact one of the best things for it is fucidin cream prescribed by a gp. Will clear up in a couple of weeks.

Glitterdandruff · 26/02/2022 22:11

Thank you so much for the advice @Hannamarie0098 @ShaneTwane
I’ll stop with the tea tree etc and look for another piercer ASAP

OP posts:
TellerTuesday · 26/02/2022 22:25

I developed a bump after having my nose pierced and I became obsessed with it. Did the tea tree oil, did the salt water, made a paste from bloody aspirin. It just went away in a couple of weeks once I just left it alone.

Anchoredowninanchorage · 20/03/2022 23:23

Thankyou for your advice. I’ve removed the labret, found new piercer and have lovely titanium L shape stud in the other side & all healing beautifully. I would recommend to all now to research their piercer as the new one had a health questionnaire and gave me an aftercare pack and lots of advice.

CatsBumMowf · 23/03/2022 22:06

OP, if you don't mind me asking, what is your ethnicity? That can definitely have an effect on healing and scarring?

Maflingo · 23/03/2022 22:10

First time I had my nose pierced, the stud I had chosen was quite raised above the skin and I kept catching it when I was washing my face, and I developed a bump. I switched to a flatter stud and left it alone and it healed with a couple of weeks.

snapple21 · 23/03/2022 22:15

I changed my stud to a ring after persistently having this problem for nearly a year and now it's fine.

Bigmomma20 · 07/10/2022 07:29

Hey 👋

I developed a lump on my nose stud ( peircing was 2 weeks old) after it got whacked by my 6 month old. It took 3 days for it to look a lot better (I'll attach pics) this is what I did:
Cleansed peircing with 1/2 cup of boiled water and a pinch of coarse sea salt. Used cotton ear buds and cleaned inside and oitside then soaked cotton ball and bathed area for a few minutes, I did it 3 times a day and I did not mess with my nose stud other than when cleaning. Morning of day four I bathed with chamomile tea which felt so nice and smelled lovely, I will also cleanse another 3 times with the coase sea salt and boiled water. Red bump scabbed and fell off the evening of day three. I will continue this routine with tea and salt water until I've reached my 12th week. Goodluck.

Looking for nose piercing advice- piercing bump/ keloid ?
Looking for nose piercing advice- piercing bump/ keloid ?
Looking for nose piercing advice- piercing bump/ keloid ?
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