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Blow out?

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fiercelikefrida · 18/11/2018 00:12

Had a tattoo cover up done about a month ago. Does this look like blow out at the bottom?
Do you think it will fade?

Blow out?
OP posts:
MaggieAndHopey · 19/11/2018 06:33

It does look like a blown line yes - I might have thought it could have been a bit of bruising but not if the tattoo is a month old. It's a small area though and hardly noticeable. I have a couple of blow outs (certain areas of the body with thinner skin are prone to them) and they've never faded but I also don't notice them.

thedevilinablackdress · 23/11/2018 09:12

Agree with Maggie
You could ask your tattooist about options for some shading to cover it if it bothers you.

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