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ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts · 19/10/2018 14:47

What are the rules around tattooists and deposits?
I understand if you don't turn up or if you cancel with short notice, the deposit is forfeited.

What if you cancel 3-6 months in advance? And said tattooist has massive following and will 100% get spot filled.

Opinions please? Or even better what are the laws around deposits?

OP posts:
Ariela · 19/10/2018 15:33

Depends on the terms and conditions of said tattooist. What did you agree to when you paid?

troodiedoo · 19/10/2018 15:37

Cancel totally and you lose your deposit. Rearrange to another date and you should keep it. Assuming you are a previous good customer.

merlotmummy14 · 19/10/2018 21:16

If they have a massive following and a big waiting list you could see if they would be open to selling your appointment at face value? Think it would only be an issue if they couldn't get somebody to fill it. 6 months in advance is usually fine, 3 months less so if they have started working on designing a tattoo for you.

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