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Embryo implantation and tattoos

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arehman · 07/04/2021 06:02

Little bit of an odd question but let's do it!
So I'm hoping to be a surrogate for a truly lovely woman (our first try at embryo implantation is in September and we're still setting up logistics and the like). It's currently early April and I've had a tattoo scheduled for this week since long before I got in touch with my IP. Is there any reason I should cancel this appointment if I know everything is sterile and it's a licensed facility? It's also going to be mostly healed on a surface level before september even rolls around.
I honestly don't know! I don't want to hurt our chances but if the only risk is getting Hep C and the environment is sterile or having my body's defenses lowered and it'll be healed by the implantation, is there any reason not to do it? Am I being selfish even asking this question?
We're talking to the clinic now to double check but if I have to cancel, I'd rather do it early in the week so the artist can fill the empty slot.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Hope everyone is staying safe!

OP posts:
OhHolyJesus · 07/04/2021 08:15

I think the risk is about one in 20 if you have Hep C you can pass it to the baby.

Have you discussed this with the commissioning mother/parents?

You're not pregnant yet but you are making a commitment to use your body to house, grow and give birth to their child. How much ownership of your body do they have? Do you have a 'contract'?

Tattoos during pregnancy should be avoided, I had a friend who was turned away from the tattoo parlour, though this was years ago.

It probably comes down to trust, how much you trust the tattoo artist to use sterile equipment so you don't contract HIV/Hepatitis and how much the commissioning mother/parents trust you not to pass something onto their baby.

I imagine there is a risk, even if it's a really tiny one, and it's not just about you getting it but that's obviously bad enough. Hep C is for life.

I wouldn't do it but I would be a surrogate mother either. I just wouldn't get a tattoo when doing IVF (and I have tattoos) as you will have the anti-rejection drugs and this lowers your immune system I think and it's probably not a good combination.

FannyCann · 07/04/2021 11:25

Surrogacy contracts in the USA typically involve the surrogate mother signing away all rights to her body, including all medical decisions to the commissioning parents OP.

I have no idea why anyone would sign away their rights to make their own health decisions. Fortunately in the UK the NHS has a strong culture of safeguarding so surrogate mothers can be protected.

Never mind a tattoo. Have you agreed how many embryos you will allow to be transferred OP? A twin pregnancy is much harder and more dangerous for the mother but many commissioning parents seem to see a chance to get two for the price of one.

“The intended mother was going so far as to ask me if the surrogate actually got the vaccine, could she then turn around and request a termination of the pregnancy,”

"This is a job, and as part of that job, she signed a contract to let the baby’s parents make medical choices for her, including whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine."

OhHolyJesus · 21/07/2021 19:07

Just wondered how you're getting on OP?

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