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Surrogacy agencies in UK, any recommendations?

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Doma · 26/11/2018 20:45

Hi all, We are just starting the process of searching for a surrogate mum in UK (we tried for years until I was diagnosed with cancer, followed by hysterectomy, but good news managed to get three embrios:).
We heard of three agencies and we were wondering has anyone got any experience with them, can you recommend any? Agencies we are talking to:
Surrogacy UK
UK Surrogacy Agency
Brilliant Beginnings
Would really appreciate any advice,

OP posts:
PeachMelba78 · 18/12/2018 05:14

I started with Surrogacy UK but I didn’t like them, switched to Brilliant Beginnings and they have been fab.
Just a word of warning, I personally hate the term ‘surrogate Mum’ as I am not the baby’s mum in any shape or form, Surrogate on its own is a fine term.
I am 35 weeks pregnant and this will be my only surrogacy, and last pregnancy.

WrapAndRoll · 29/12/2018 11:50

There is also COTS which is the oldest organisation.

Mummmmyyyy · 06/12/2021 22:28


Does anyone know the best surrogacy groups to join?

I am part of UK surrogacy…

Any others?

Claudiacini · 21/02/2022 23:26

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