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Is my rabbit pregnant?

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cornishpasty · 21/12/2008 11:37

We have two 4 month old rabbits - which we were told by the breeder and the vet are both boys. One of them is this morning running around collecting straw and hay in its mouth and making what looks like a nest in a corner. I've not seen any fur pulling yet. Both rabbits are in together at the moment - should i separate them immediately. We have a two tier hutch, so i could keep them apart. Is there anything i particularly need to know if she does have babies? Any help and advice from anyone woudl be great thanks.

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southeastastra · 21/12/2008 11:41

check their sex? it's easy to do, just turn them over and have look down below!

my female rabbit nests alot, always picking out fur and making a little cosy corner. it's sad really

cornishpasty · 21/12/2008 11:45

I've really no idea what i'm looking for and i did question their sex with the vet as one (supposed brother) has grown much bigger than the other. Vet said she thought they were both boys.

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cornishpasty · 21/12/2008 11:46

If she is female could she just be nesting without actually being pregnant then?

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merryberry · 21/12/2008 11:49

ooh, its bunsnet

sorry to be flippant, no experience, no advice. just thought this was a lovely looking thread title.

southeastastra · 21/12/2008 11:51

i had a male rabbit that nested too, i think it's just normal bunny behaviour. just have a look at their 'bits' turn them over (they sort of paralyse when you do) then push the bits below, would be obvious if it were a boy.

Piglet111 · 21/12/2008 12:32

How to sex your rabbit

If one is a buck and one is a doe you must seperate now as she will be fertile again straight after giving birth and when the new litter arrives her first litter will only be 4 weeks old and will have to leave mum although they should be with mum upto 6-8 weeks depending on the type of rabbit. I'd suggest getting the buck neutered and he will only be allowed back with mum once her litter have been rehomed and 6 weeks after he's been neutered as they're still fertile for up to that amount of time.

If you have got two bucks I'm sure you're already aware but they will probably start fighting soon and should both go in for neutering.

Chloeeowenss99 · 12/05/2019 16:23

Hi my rabbit is about 4 and a half months old and I've got a buck I walked into the room and they were together accidently the buck was on top of her then fell off her after he done his business I've done a lot of reading up and it says palpate her belly carefully to feel for lumps I did that and I can feel soft lumps would it be the babies more to the sides of her belly or could I mix it up for something else? She's also a very loving rabbit but has been lunging at me growling two three times?

DOLLYDAYDREAMER · 12/05/2019 20:21

cant tell you if your bun is pregnant - males and females do nest pregnant or not - but DO NOT put your bun on its back to check its bits - it can die if it goes into a trance and unless you are rabbit expert you will not be able to tell male from female - hence why so many pairs of same sex rabbits go on to have unwanted babies - need to keep any rabbits that are not neutered seperate unless you want ti add to the 66,000 unwanted rabbits already in rescues waiting for a home - not including all the ones livjng a miserable life because owners cant be bothered with them

Chloeeowenss99 · 12/05/2019 21:01

If it came to that I've got plenty of space for them I love rabbits so that wouldn't be a problem with me

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