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Rotastak choc drops out of stock everywhere!

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Hohofortherobbers · 15/02/2022 15:50

I have an ancient gerbil, she is surviving on sunflower seeds, fruit and these choc drops, she eat virtually nothing else. Does anyone know if I can use the puppy choc drops as a substitute? If I can't find something I think she will fade away fast Sad

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Hohofortherobbers · 15/02/2022 22:00


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AmberGer · 15/02/2022 22:02

The range? I've bought them from there fairly recently

Hohofortherobbers · 15/02/2022 23:12

Thank you, we have one locally, I'll try it

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Hohofortherobbers · 16/02/2022 18:06

None in the range.

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