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Guinea Pig Ringworm

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AbandonGups · 14/10/2021 10:51

Argh! Beautiful New guinea pigs arrived, one though with a suspicious bald spot & vet has now diagnosed ringworm.
They arrived Sun evening and we didn’t handle for 24 hrs. So Mon eve found the bald spot and tues eve had her diagnosed.
Vet started on oral meds and shampoo (for them both). We are keeping the DC away from them now, but they did spend time cuddling them before the diagnosis.
Anyone got experience of ringworm? Are we all - and the poor cat!!- very likely to get it too? Vet drummed home how contagious it was.
We’re trying to wash everything and will scrub the cage tonight once the F10 arrives.
What a nightmare and such a sad start to their lives with us.

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AbandonGups · 14/10/2021 17:58

Hopeful bump. With my sore hands from all the washing. Kids are worried they’re going to get sores. Any hope we can escape it??!

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