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Rabbit videocam if they're outside

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purpleme12 · 21/09/2021 23:57

Hi my rabbits live outside in a hutch and run combo.
Does anyone with this housing have a video cam for their bunnies?
Like will a ring security camera work?

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Scarby9 · 22/09/2021 00:05

Are you worried about theft, or do you want to be able to watch them like on Springwatch?

purpleme12 · 22/09/2021 00:10

Yes I am thinking of security reasons
Although I would to be able to see them like on springwatch too 😂

OP posts:
Scarby9 · 22/09/2021 00:10

I ask, because our wildlife camera with night vision was only about £80, whereas I thing Ring Doorbells are considerably more, and you mught be paying for features the rabbits might not appreciate, like motion-activated floodlighting or you being able to talk to them through the doorbell

purpleme12 · 22/09/2021 00:27

Would the wildlife camera work from a distance then?
I would have to mount the camera to my wall
And the rabbits are the other end, further from my wall

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