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My sad rabbit

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Mytym · 13/06/2021 23:16

I got a pair of neutered males around Easter time. They settled in well to their new life in an enclosure in my garden. Playing every day, burrowing, eating loads, sniffing my hand and other people, allowing strokes. Life was good. Then a week or so ago the rabbits fell out and started fighting. I'll call them 1 and 2. I noticed 1 would be marking his scent by rubbing his fur and then 2 just got this angry look about him and would chase 1 around the enclosure. They were hurting each other with scratches etc. I let them run around the garden to try and clear the air between them but 2 was still angry and was scent marking with urine then chasing/attacking 1. I decided to separate them. 1 was the first back to the enclosure so I shut the door and had made another enclosure for 2. Unfortunately I hadn't secured it well enough and 2 escaped , feeling angry I presume! The next day 1 was looking different. He knew his brother was gone with bad blood between them and had seen him leave. Myself and kids spent some time with him but I had to go to work and kids went to their dads. I got home really late and went to the garden with the dog. No sign of movement in the enclosure then I saw the door was wide open and 1 was gone. The next afternoon I got word that a neighbour had found 1 of my rabbits that morning hiding under a car. They'd taken him in and cared for him and brought him back to me. It was 1. We were /are so pleased to have him back. Knew it would be strange for him without 2. He basically went to a resting area in the enclosure and didn't move at all for hours. I tried to tempt him with food and he didn't move. Eventually he came slowly then quickly sniffed my hand and went away. He's not responding to us calling him, he's not running around much at all and is just laying hiding in the rest place ignoring me. He's not eaten much compared to normal and isn't excited by food like he used to be. I just feel so sad for him. He's clearly missing his brother but instead of looking to me for comfort he is hiding away. He was always the more confident one interacting with humans. When I walk away from the enclosure door he comes out of hiding and hops about a bit. Why does he not want my company? How can I help him feel better?
Thanks for reading.

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ClingFilmAndGafferTape · 13/06/2021 23:18

Get him checked by a vet asap OP. If he's not eating he may well have gone into statis which can be fatal if not dealt with quickly.

purpleme12 · 13/06/2021 23:22

How have 2 bunnies managed to escape??

And how are his poos? Is he still pooing?

Mytym · 13/06/2021 23:23

Thank you for your reply. I just looked it up. I don't think that is the problem because he is still eating just not in front of me. Ive put lots of food in which he'd normally be so excited about and eat it straight away but now he is waiting till I'm not there and coming out to eat.

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CarelessSquid07A · 13/06/2021 23:26

Grieving rabbits can die. Get him to a vet ASAP he may also have some infected wounds from fighting with his brother.

Rabbits should always be in pairs, once he passes a health check you should look into getting a neutered female for him. However the bonding process can be tough.

Rabbits are expensive non kid friendly pets who need a lot of predator secure space and a companion. Please consider if you can offer this and if not consider homing him somewhere that can.

CausingChaos2 · 13/06/2021 23:32

I’m afraid this may not be what you want to hear, but he needs a female friend. Bunnies don’t do well solo. How old is he?

bunnygeek · 14/06/2021 15:25

Is he still acting oddly? He definitely needs a full vet check, especially as he's been out roaming. Even nibbling but still being off can lead to gut stasis, stress alone can lead to gut stasis.

Mytym · 15/06/2021 15:32

Update! He's doing much better now. He's let me pat him and he's eating and playing so seems to be doing well.

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