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Hamster Cage

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KingAragorn · 08/05/2021 18:53

Hi, I bought a female Syrian hamster about a week ago. At the time I bought her all her bits and an extra large Pets at Home hamster cage. She seems very content now but realise the cage is probably not big enough. I have looked at the Ikea detolf but not sure where exactly I would put it. I wondered if this:
PawHut Hamster Cage Rodent Mouse Pet Small Animal Kit Large Wooden hut Box Double Layers Easy Clean
would be suitable? I believe the levels are removable so I could give her lots of bedding for burrowing, alongside all her enrichment. Or is she likely to chew through the wood? So far she hasn’t chewed her cage/the bars, just the enrichment items I’ve put in. She mostly seems interested in her wheel, I hear it going all night Grin. If this cage isn’t suitable, does anyone have any recommendations? Just want her to have the best possible life.

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TeenMinusTests · 08/05/2021 18:58

Is there room for a 30cm wheel?

KingAragorn · 08/05/2021 19:02

@TeenMinusTestsYes I believe so, if I missed out one of the levels, which I was thinking I would have to do in order to get deep enough bedding.
The wheel she has right now is like a flying saucer one.

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mightbealittlebitmad · 08/05/2021 21:32

It's cheaper to get the hamster heaven metro, probably a similar size when you take into account the shape of the above cage.

I have modified mine though and I have added a Savic Billy Metro cage on top of the hamster heaven and on top of them metro I have the green house that comes with the hamster heaven so it's got 3 separate levels.

I'm really happy with how it's turned out and the hamster seems pretty happy too.

Hamster Cage
BooseysMom · 17/05/2021 13:10

@mightbealittlebitmad.. I wanted to say I love what you have done with your Savic! I have the same cage and have an extensive tunnel system fitted above it. I bought two boxes of tunnels from the pet shop and made DH use his rusty design engineering skills to come up with new layouts to keep our hammy happy Smile He's not very well right now though so has made a bed in the bottom corner of the cage. I hope he'll recover. Calling the vet later.

pinkpirlie · 21/06/2021 17:22

The pawhut is a great enclosure.
The hamster heaven falls under the recommended minimum, and given you have a female Syrian I wouldn't recommend getting anything under 10050.
Have you considered making one using the ikea Linnmon desks? This is perfect for a Syrian female and gives 100
56.6cm of floorspace and so much depth for a large wheel and deep substrate.

All in (with the lid) you can made one for around £50.

My partner and I are useless at DIY and we managed it. Seriously if we can - anyone can!!

KingAragorn · 21/06/2021 22:01

Thanks for the replies. I actually went for a glass tank in the end, was worried she might chew out of the pawhut! She seems quite happy in her tank so far Smile

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