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Riv12345 · 10/02/2020 00:14

Hi I would just like to warn people of the fluffy hamster bedding you get in pet shops.

My gorgeous little golden teddy bear hamster passed away yesterday due to eating the fluffy bedding and it getting stuck she was unable to pass it, even with vet treatment and laxatives.
She was only 7 months old.

Took her to vets last week as I noticed she was very quiet not coming out day or night.
Also few hours behold vet appointment I noticed her tail was wet.
Vet treated her for wet tail. I was still worried after about a day she still wasn't eating and drinking, seeing or pooping! Took her bk to vets saw a head vet who examined her and said she is bunged up she said it is prolapse or she's eaten something. Gave her an anaesthetic-
Result was the hamster bedding inside her. Sent home with laxatives. 3 days later she was gone!!! It's awful I am so upset can't believe my little lady has gone. Please beware everyone about this fluffy bedding I would hate for your hamsters to go through what my gorgeous little girl went through.
RIP Tilley xx

OP posts:
user127819 · 10/02/2020 23:13

I'm sorry this happened. This has happened to countless other hamsters, which is why it's shocking that this bedding is still sold. Just check the Amazon reviews for similar types of bedding.

The bedding is indigestible and if swallowed can cause obstructions. Moreover, when used with baby rodents, it wraps around the limbs, tightens and cuts off blood supply to the limb. In the best case the limb falls off and the animal lives, in the worst case the animal dies. This was observed as early as the 1980s in laboratory mice, yet the bedding is still sold.

JemimaPuddleCat · 10/02/2020 23:36

Oh poor wee thing Sad

What type of bedding is it? We have taken to getting the odd one of these as a 'treat' - is this unsafe?

Riv12345 · 11/02/2020 08:51

Thank you for your reply's it the fluffy bedding , I actually got it from the range-
I have used it in the past with other hamsters. I never knew and thought that hamsters would eat there bedding, I still cnt get over it.
I feel so empty without her, even tho I have 4 cats and 2 rabbits!
I loved that gorgeous little hamster.
I will get another one in the summer.
But as my hubby said last night they dnt live long then I get upset 😢,
But I just thing the little golden Tenby bear hamsters are so cute xxx

OP posts:
Riv12345 · 11/02/2020 08:52

Teddy bear

OP posts:
Riv12345 · 11/02/2020 08:53

The bedding actually say pet safe on the package

OP posts:
user127819 · 11/02/2020 12:32

@JemimaPuddleCat That is kapok bedding, which is a bit controversial. It is almost certainly "less bad" than the cotton wool type bedding, whether it's safe or not, I couldn't say. The hamster forums and discussion groups tend to avoid it the same as cotton wool type bedding.

JemimaPuddleCat · 11/02/2020 17:26

Thank you @user127819

You just generally suppose if something was unsafe, they wouldn't get away with selling it Sad I'm going to stop buying them now.

What about the other types of bedding we use? We tend to use a base of wood shavings, then give her some of this type of thing (this) and some of this that she moves around as she likes it. Are they ok?

user127819 · 11/02/2020 17:32


Both of the linked beddings are absolutely fine.

You would think they couldn't get away with selling unsafe products, but when it comes to small "pocket" pets, there really isn't much accountability. The word "safe" on packaging doesn't mean anything either when it comes to small pets, since there's (as far as I'm aware) no regulation of what can be described as "safe".

AmelieTaylor · 11/02/2020 17:42

They shouldn’t be allowed to sell that stuff!!

If it SAYS safe, it bloody well should BE safe.

I’m so sorry 🌷that’s very sad.

They’re tiny but have such huge personalities. Our died 2 Years ago & I still miss the little madam, she was a right little character!!

Riv12345 · 11/02/2020 21:32

Thank you Amelie

My little Tilley was so gorgeous so sad and heart breaking to see her fade away before my eyes! I still keep reliving it i know I shouldn't but it's still very raw still

OP posts:
Crazybunnylady123 · 18/02/2020 22:38

When I was a young teen, this stuff got caught around my baby mice and my dad had to cut them all free.
The result was that some of the mice lost toes and tail tips. If dad didn’t do anything they would of
died, we are talking a couple of weeks old here.
I wrote to the company I purchased it from and
They didn’t care.
Why is this stuff still sold, why would anyone want this out there on the market.
Sorry for your loss. X

Riv12345 · 19/02/2020 13:23


Thank you for replying,

It's so sad,this bedding should be banned.
Ive used it before no trouble but I will never forget what happened to Tilley.
So glad you wrote to the company, still cnt believe they didn't answer,

Thanks again for your reply.

OP posts:
SistemaAddict · 21/04/2020 15:32

I'm so sorry about Tilly Thanks What bedding is best? We have a dwarf hamster that was dropped off a month ago along with the "safe" bedding. I'm now worried and we need to buy more bedding soon anyway and I want to make sure he's safe.

Crazybunnylady123 · 21/04/2020 17:12

Shredded Paper based bedding is the best bedding. Nothing fluffy and I don’t know if they still sell it but I would stay clear from the stuff that looks like jay cloth.
Sometimes the paper based comes shredded other times in long strips and I recommend cutting it up before putting in their cage.

fluffedup · 21/04/2020 17:31

Thank you for this warning. We have just got some lovely little pet rats and I would have got some of this for them if I could just walk into a shop. Instead, we've been using sawdust, some terry-towelling face cloths (which I can wash and re-use) as blankets and kitchen towels (Kleenex type stuff) as extra bedding.

user127819 · 22/04/2020 00:19

@Bercows There's lots of safe options for hamster bedding nowadays.
Wood shavings (Pets at Home brand are best in my experience. Avoid Snowflake brand as they contain cedar which isn't safe. Some of the cheaper pound shop brands are very dusty. Avoid anything scented)

Aspen shavings - I don't find these very absorbent, but they are safe.

Paper beddings such as Fitch, Kaytee Clean and Cozy and Megazorb. Carefresh used to be popular although it's expensive and there are cheaper options nowadays. It's also quite dusty.

Hemp bedding, such as Aubiose.

Dwarf hamsters like burrowing, so it's nice to mix in some hay or shredded paper in with their other bedding. It helps with tunnel structure. Make sure any hay used isn't too sharp or stiff.

For nesting materials, just plain tissues or kitchen roll is best.

SistemaAddict · 22/04/2020 09:32

Thank you so much. He is very much a burrower and has a big cage with lots of tunnels. We love seeing where he pops back up after he disappears. He's got a mixture of hay and shredded paper on the base of the cage. It's several inches deep and he has a fantastic time under it. He has a little nest box at the top and that has the fluffy stuff in it but I'll now order him something safe or just use the shredded paper we already have.

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