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Introducing guinea pigs.

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Reinga · 21/12/2019 12:59

We recently lost one of our Guinea pigs Sad and I can really see a change in our remaining piggie.
We've reached out to a local rescue who have suggested pairing our sow with 2 baby pigs that were surrendered to them ( unwanted xmas present Hmm )
I would appreciate any advice r.e. introducing a new pig after having such a bonded pair. Also, do you think that the baby pigs are the way to go or should we hold out for an older pig?

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BlessedBeTheFruitCake · 21/12/2019 13:08

Baby pigs are usually more easily accepted than older piggies. We introduced a baby boar to a grown boar when his brother died. We put them in a makeshift run in the kitchen with lots of hay and greens and kept an eye on them before putting them in a cage, they've been fine ever since.

The good thing about having a trio rather than a pair is that if you lose another one you'll still have two rather than have a piggy on their own again.

Reinga · 21/12/2019 13:25

Thanks @BlessedBeTheFruitcake,

That's a very good point about the benefits of 2 vs 3.
Were there many scuffles after you introduced them? Or do the older pigs seem to recognise that the small fluffy ones are babies and tend to be gentler towards them?

OP posts:
BlessedBeTheFruitCake · 21/12/2019 13:36

I think it's when they reach adolescence you might see shows of dominance, depending on their personalities. Our existing boar was very laid back and didn't show any aggression at all but when the new addition got older the youngster did some rumble strutting(?) and got a bit bossy! There wasn't any teeth chattering or fighting though. Hopefully your introductions go well.

Reinga · 21/12/2019 13:48

Thanks for all your advice.

Rumble strutting is hilarious. Our two used to kind of negotiate their dominance every 6 months. They would take turns at being the pig in charge.

I'm still upset about the pig we lost but I cant stand seeing our surviving pig so lonely.
I think we will proceed with the two babies.

Bloody guinea pigs! They manage to wiggle their way into your heart and you end up being a slave to them forever.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 21/12/2019 16:16

Ah very Sad to lose a piggie .
As you have females then yes a trio is lovely (though as you know , sows can be stroppy little madams Grin . We've had 4 boars and 4 sows ...and the boars were far soppier )

Make a difference to the life of these two little piglets who through no fault of their own have been dumped as an unwanted present . I suppose the saving grace is they're not ending up on Gumtree .

One of our pigs was abandoned in Rescue . Him and his brother went to the holiday boarding there ......and not collected . When they chased up , there was no intention to collect them. At least they weren't left in a box in a park. But he was the loveliest , softest , most personality you could imagine . Their loss was our gain .
Apprently this practice is not uncommon

twinguineapigs · 26/12/2019 14:10

We have three pigs at the moment, an elderly boar and two three week old boars who are bonded with each other, they are particularly close I think as they were orphaned at ten days old.We're not sure yet if they will bond with the elderly boar or not but they are in different cages as they are so tiny and he tries to sit on them when they are out on the carpet together.

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