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Rabbits: how to keep slugs away?

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Whatsername7 · 29/10/2019 22:06

Just that really. My bunny has a lovely big 14ft enclosure with a hutch at one end. The hutch is elevated off the ground and she accesses it via a ramp. Her food bowl is kept in the hutch and im forever finding slugs in the bowl Confused. How can I keep them out? She has an underground tunnel and there are no slugs in there so they are obviously after her food. Its grim and im worried my bunny is eating enough. How can I prevent the slimy little suckers?

OP posts:
Surfskatefamily · 29/10/2019 22:15

Copper tape around the sides of the bowl. They wont cross it

Surfskatefamily · 29/10/2019 22:16

You can get at garden centres or amazon. Its normally for round the rim of plant pots but will be effective here too. Hate slugs

Whatsername7 · 30/10/2019 17:20

Brilliant, thank you! I might line the hutch with it!

OP posts:
Passthecake30 · 30/10/2019 18:59

i have 2 rabbits and they eat their food so fast there would never be a risk of any thing else getting to their food. Is it the pellets?

bunnygeek · 01/11/2019 13:48

Once the bowl is empty, remove it. I still find slugs in my bun's shed because they're horrible slimy stealthy things but once they get there there's nothing but hay and they don't tend to hang around!

Pellets and veggies are what they're after, so once the bowl is empty (in my bun's case, that's 5-10 minutes) take it out and get it washed up :)

Honeyroar · 04/11/2019 21:05

Ive found a lot of slugs in my bunnies' pellet bowls too this year. Horrible things.

Whattodo1610 · 30/12/2019 10:33

Copper tape didn’t work for us .....

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