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Head tilt bunny

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BlitzenandMikey · 06/10/2019 23:57

Can’t sleep, as so worried about my three year old lion head Mikey.
He has spurs on back molars which need filing down. Vet prescribd metacam. He also has likely ecuniculi and we have meds for that. He’s eaten a bit of hay, but he’s not himself 😢 so scared he will die during the night. Should I keep trying to tempt him every few hours do you think? Anyone else’s bun survived this, even with a permanent head tilt?


OP posts:
bunnygeek · 07/10/2019 11:04

I've known many a bun to survive even permanently tilted.

Keep going with medication, are you treating for the EC parasite too? I think that's a 30 day course of Panacur that's required.

If he's struggling with eating, offer him all his favourite foods as anything through his gut at this point is better than nothing. Chopped hay rather than long strands he'll find easier until his molars are filed back.

BlitzenandMikey · 07/10/2019 11:29

Hi I have panacur for 30 days. The rescue centre where I adopted his friend said she needs treating also. Vet wasn’t 100% sure it’s EC. What if it’s an ear infection? Then he would require anti biotics? I don’t think he’s eating because of a sore mouth.

OP posts:
BlitzenandMikey · 07/10/2019 11:31

He’s going back to vet later today as I want him to have the antibiotics just in case it’s middle ear infection? Vet did say to bring him back if he wasn’t eating independently

OP posts:
bunnygeek · 07/10/2019 16:49

You can ask the vet to test for the EC parasite, it can throw a false negative on the test though. Yes an ear infection or it being related to the teeth is also a possibility.

Crazybunnylady123 · 15/10/2019 22:54

Hello. I have a head tilt bunny and he’s 8 now so every chance your bunny can recover. My bunny is fine he just doesn’t like being picked up. So I try not too.
The metacam will take the pain away, it’s good stuff.
You can ask your vet for some recovery food which will be easier for your bunny to eat or I usually use warm water and crush the usual pellets bunny has to eat. Maybe try a bit of banana! Just a bit though.
What’s happening with his molars?

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