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Huge lump on GPs leg - any ideas?

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Flower777 · 01/08/2019 01:03

HI everyone,

Noticed this evening that one of our GPigs has a huge lump on his Rear leg. It feels very large - like, it circles his whole leg....

He seems well in himself, has been eating and drinking and doesn't seem bothered by it.

Any ideas what it might be?

Many thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Brain06626 · 01/08/2019 02:14

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bunnygeek · 01/08/2019 10:08

Could be a number of things, definitely time for a vet trip asap!

My concerns would be an abscess or tumour, maybe something to do with the joint in the leg.

Flower777 · 01/08/2019 13:44

Hi bunnygeek thank you.

We managed to get a late appointment yesterday with a different vet. She thought abscess but then drained it and there was blood so she thinks there might also be a tumour?

He is on antibiotics now.

Our own vet is unfortunately not there today so I’m going to get an appointment ASAP as they are specialists in exotics.

Phew. Very unexpected. He is the dearest little pig so appreciate your good wishes for him.

OP posts:
Crazybunnylady123 · 02/08/2019 14:04

How’s your little guinea pig doing today? I came to offer my advice, but you have already been to the vet.

Flower777 · 02/08/2019 19:36

Hi crazybunnylady123,

Thanks for asking.

He seems ok. Still eating and drinking.

But the swelling has not gone down at all- I don’t know when we might expect to see a difference if the antibiotics are working.

We have another vet appointment on Tuesday with our own vet.

I would be grateful for any advice or ideas.

Thanks so much.

OP posts:
Crazybunnylady123 · 02/08/2019 20:49

The main thing is he is eating and drinking and that his poop is normal.
Your doing the best thing taking him to a specialist vet.
Too be honest I’m not sure it should of been drained without an investigation.
I’m assuming you were there when it was drained? If it had yellow stinky contents it’s an abscess. Does it have a drain left in by the vet?
I’m assuming that it has decreased in size dramatically.
Sorry for the questions, but just need to get an idea of where he’s at.

Flower777 · 03/08/2019 00:31

No that’s ok. Thank you for helping.

He is eating and drinking and pooping but not as much as normal.

I wasn’t there when it was drained. My husband took him but the vet took him into the back room.

Apparently there was blood and jelly stuff and it hasn’t decreased in size at all. There is no drain in it now. She stitched it back up.

It’s the weekend now which means it’s hard to get him back in to see anyone.

Maybe we should get some critical care to ensure he does continue to eat.

It’s frustrating because before she drained it he was actually fine in himself and eating well. Now I guess he is a bit sore from the draining.

He is on metacam and baytril.

OP posts:
Crazybunnylady123 · 03/08/2019 13:31

Well. From what your describing I’m not sure it was an abscess.
But you have the antibiotic and anti inflammatory for him. But metacam can put piggies off their food, so that maybe having an impact.
If you have critical care use that otherwise mush up his pellets and use that instead.
Sorry I can’t be more help. But you just need to continue what your doing till you can get to the other vet. X

Flower777 · 03/08/2019 16:39

Thank you. In hindsight I think we should have held off until we could have seen our own vet. But it was alarmingly big and we wanted him seen ASAP.

He has eaten all his veg over night and we are currently having snuggles.

I’ll keep you posted - thanks again

OP posts:
Flower777 · 15/08/2019 05:22

Sad update.

He went in today for a biopsy with a view to amputation if it was benign.

When I went to pick him up they said that he had bled a lot and also taken ages to come round from the sedation. The tumour has grown a lot in the last week.

They were all so kind but the vet had a chat with me and said that he didn't really feel comfortable to do the amputation given how big and aggressive the tumour was. He said that even if it did go ok, he felt that given how nasty it was, that he might not live very long anyway.

He said that he felt that it would be kinder to put to sleep :(

So we brought him home for snuggles and for everyone to say goodbye and he will go back tomorrow afternoon for a gentle end.

He has been such a sweet boy and I am so sad but ultimately we want to do what's best for him and I do really trust my vet, he is a guinea pig expert.

I can;'t stop crying tonight but know that it is the right thing to do.

OP posts:
Etino · 15/08/2019 05:29

Flowers enjoy your snuggles and know you’re doing the best thing by him.

Feliciaxxx · 15/08/2019 05:36

How sad. These animals break off pieces of our hearts when we lose them. At least he won't suffer. A week too soon rather than a day too late. Thinking of you xxx

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 15/08/2019 22:52

Oh very Sad

I have no guinea-pigs now , my last old one died in April.
But the fast growing lump sounds like what my GP8 had .
It was on her chin and I thought it was an abscess too.
She was troughing veg in the box at the vets and poohing on the table so no issues with her appetite.

When the lumo was lanced we expected pus was red , mass tissue -tumpur .
Because it was on her throat there wasn't really a viable option. Surgery is a huge risk for a little animal and you have to consider the anaesthetic, blood loss, recovery , what part of the body will be affected .The quality of life after .

I had to decide to have my little piggie euthanised .
It was very peaceful, her cagemate was with her . She didn't even bat an eyelid .
(I persuaded the vet to open her throat up and let me look properly once she was dead. The mass was large and very vascular , it would've stopped her airways. She was stitched for tidyness then we took her little body home)

Give your piggie treats and cuddles then take him on his last journey and be there with him. It is a very quiet dignified end

Remember - the pain you feel is so they don't have to .


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