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Two gerbils died overnight - antifreeze?

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Gerbilsgone · 28/03/2019 14:29

Our two gerbils both died. I have just found a bottle of antifreeze someone has brought in from the car and a little had leaked on the floor. Does anyone know whether these fumes could have killed them?

OP posts:
talkingjapeneseireallythinkso · 30/03/2019 14:05

Flowers that's so sad, could be fumes but i think it they drank some, were they out loose at the time for exercise ?

purplepears · 30/03/2019 14:06

Antifreeze kills cats so I'm sure it will kill a gerbil.
Poor things

Lavellan · 17/04/2019 14:55

Seems unlikely in a normal sized room

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