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Keeping my rabbits

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Pinkpuppy45 · 20/03/2019 17:13

Hi all I wanted to just get advice and help when I moved in to my bedsit this was over 2 years ago I got told I was allowed to have rabbits now I've had my rabbits one over two years And one for over a year now now my home Association said I'm not allowed to have any rabbits but I'm only allowed to keep one now they are both aggressive to new people and to new environment i'm thinking of the well-being and both help me with my Anxiety and depression but my home association is not thinking about my rabbits well-being and whether they get stress too much in the new place And I don't want them to attack you people think that they could be put down because the aggressive I have one called Mango who is over 2 years old I went on holiday for a week my mum looked up to him at ours and he tried to attack my mum and had to get out of his cage he wanted to go home so when I got back I could come home he was happy I didn't go to my mum when she came to visit and titch Who is over one now I had three babies live and who I got rid of them so I had to be taking two days to calm down he was attacking me every time I go near his cage with very sensitive and when people come over he attack's them I am a council tenant just to let you guys know I don't know what to do they cannot live anywhere else please help

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/03/2019 21:51

There will be someone who can rehome them - even if they end up in a Rabbit Rescue not a new home , they will be assessed and if need be kept alone but with rabbit company on the other side of the fence.

I haven't ever kept rabbits - I have had guinea-pigs, and I got rescues that were feisty because that's what I needed . One of my little pigs wouldn't have lasted if she had been given to a child !

So- do you need to rehome one or both of your rabbits ?
Can you get together a surrender donation if a rescue will take them?

Are your rabbits neutered ? That can be a huge source of aggression if they are entire .
Why do you think they are aggressive ? Is it a lack of space ?

Maybe phone round some places , see if they can offer a home to your rabbits? Small Animal Rescues who know how to assess and deal with them.

Good luck.

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