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Guinea pig bonding not going well - help please

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Somethingsosimple · 19/03/2019 18:20

We recently lost our 4 year old guinea pig leaving her sister on her own. We have bought a new baby pig which we have been introducing gradually to our remaining guinea pig. We put them in a new area with a piece of mesh between them and seemed quite pleased to see each other. Today I have reintroduced them together and it didn’t go to well. I was worried the older larger Guinea pig could be put out but it’s the 8 week baby that is being snappy and trying boss. Our poor gentle older pig is looking really put out. I separated them again and I’m now wondering what I have done! Any tips thankfully received

OP posts:
reefedsail · 19/03/2019 18:25

I think the advice is that unless they are drawing blood leave them to it.

Have you got two of everything (houses, bowls, hay piles, water bottles etc)?

EastMidsGPs · 19/03/2019 22:15

Make sure they both smell the same
Either give both a bath 70 always says their mutual hatred and indignation at being bathed unites them in hatred towards you😃
or gently rub older pig's bedding over the little one.
We've got a spray of small pet freshener we've had years and sometimes use that. Have in desperation once used a tiny drop of lavender oil rubbed into both pigs behind their ears but wouldn't recommend this as they lick it.

We've always had sows, and often done the cycle of older pig/new baby and it has only not worked once. Space for them both to hide and put them together when you can quietly supervise.
Our latest 'baby' now nearly two, daily washes our elderly pig and was quite bereft two weeks ago when Sadie spent the day at the vets and yet they didn't think much of one another when they first met.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/03/2019 08:38

First is NewBabyPiggie definately a sow ? They are easy to mis-sex and mini boars are fertile very young (you're talking 5 weeks very young !)

Back to basics - complete neutral. Clean everything , steam it , white vinegar to neutralise the smells

Bath them - Grin at East , I am always promoting getting your guinea-pigs in unison with a dose of Judginess .
"How very dare they? Bath indeed"

Huge pile of food in the middle of the bonding area (we used an empty C&C pen for GP6 and GP7 , our most recent bond. Or paddling pool, or a pen on the kitchen floor)

There will be sniffling, chasing , possibly some heads up posturing. Its all new to them.
Keep a towel handy to throw if it looks rough but let them suss each other out.

The bereaved pig needs to be ready to accept a new pig, they have to miss the old cagemate. Your new pig has left their littlermates so very confused . They are both a bit fragile .

Lots of space , bowls and water bottles far apart so they cannot trap each other .
The little one is probably excerting their authority because they fancy being Alpha (sows have hierarchy just like boars . My 'strongest' characters have been sows . Our last boar was an utter wimp !)

They are complex little animals

DullPortraits · 20/03/2019 08:41

Car ride!! Put them in a pet carrier together and take them out in the car.. they will comfort each other and hopefully bond that way x

Somethingsosimple · 22/03/2019 13:34

Thanks everyone. Great advice. Ive now introduced them and it’s going ok. How long do I have to wait to put them in the original cage which will be thoroughly cleaned?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/03/2019 15:07

Give them a couple of hours to fill their faces and suss each other out.

When you do the main cage , if you can give them a big box of hay with two doors so that one cannot trap the other. (Though our GP7 sat across the big cut out door to stop GP6 getting in - the swine Wink )

Move everything about , everything cleaned/neutral smelling . Bamboozle them a bit . Luckily that isn't hard with guinea-pigs.

And once they're settled we need Pigtures of them

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