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Count down to Millie’s Birthday

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fortifiedwithtea · 04/02/2019 09:40

Fingers crossed I’m not tempting fate but.....Millie the guinea pig is approaching her 8th Birthday! We are celebrating on 14 th as we dont know her exact birthday.

She is currently feeling contented after a chunk of cucumber having demolished 2 large cabbage leaves,overnight.

Planning on clipping her claws this week so this event is long forgotten by the big day.

Provided no snow , I am thinking of wrapping her up in a blanket and taking her for a walk a round the garden.

What else can I do? Any recommended treats? She likes p@h popcorn sticks.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 04/02/2019 18:01

Awww Happy-Soon-To-Be-Birthday Millie Grin

She'll need a Paper Bag full of hay to ransack

A parsley bell

Some dandelions (there should be a few tiny leaves creeping through. Swipe them in their prime rinse and leave to come to room temp.

I bet she'd love a bath to go with the nail cutting

fortifiedwithtea · 04/02/2019 18:16

Haha a bath no thank you. Millie gives me the why are you doing this to me look? But she does enjoy the hair dryer, strange piggie.

Good idea about the dandelions we can look for those on our walk. I’ve just thrown out a load of Primark bags, damn.

OP posts:
FernieB · 06/02/2019 18:59

ThanksStarHappy Birthday MillieStarThanks

It's not a birthday unless you've had a 7 layer salad cake topped with grapes and dandelion leaves. Perhaps a starter of freshly hand cut grass and a parsley bell. Popcorn sticks for pud. Plenty of cuddles. The choice of what to watch on TV and no bath, claw clipping or cleaning out (it takes ages to get a cage into the appropriate level of comfiness and no slave understands that). Obviously you'll need your slaves devoted attention for the entire day but that's a minimum expectation. GrinGrin

BTW 14th is Madams adopted birthday (was Gingerpigs as well) but she will just be 4/5 (don't know her exact age - she won't tell us).

fortifiedwithtea · 08/02/2019 12:53

Happy Birthday to MadamPig too Flowers

So Millie is looking as robust as ever.

Had to call a roofer for a repair who has worked on our roof before. He was trying to remember us then said, don’t you have guinea pigs? That’s right i said 😃 and then he knew exactly who we were 😂

OP posts:
FernieB · 09/02/2019 20:41

Oh dear you've become the 'mad pig lady'Wink. If it's any consolation that's how my electrician remembers meGrin

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 09/02/2019 22:02

Aww , I've just realised - Millie, Madam and (Matilda) Tilly are all older single ladies (sorry CurrentBun, you have to sit this dance out)

All been through the matching and dispatching. Sad

So Millie will be 8, Madam will be 4or5 (she's not telling ) and our lady will be 5 in May .

I keep promising her a bath. She keeps promising to sever my jugular if I even consider it .

BrizzleMint · 09/02/2019 23:00

I keep promising her a bath. She keeps promising to sever my jugular if I even consider it .

GP1 use to swim laps up and down the bath while GP2 tried to jump out Grin

We have yet to bath GPs 5-8.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 09/02/2019 23:55

We had to keep bum dipping poor Bert when he was ill (he stunk) and to help keep his poor skin from getting pee scald.

So hem I said to DD "Hmm , GP7 looks a bit manky round her bum fur" (she's fairly long haired in places) , I get the mad staring eyes that say
"No baths. You washed Bert and he died . He died of BATH " Shock

One of our piggies from my childhood (little homegrown Himmy) used to swim, we put a folded towel pitstop at the end of the bath but she just ploughed up and down till she was done. Her MumPig hated water.

BrizzleMint · 10/02/2019 10:36

We just used to put the water shallow so they could swim or stand up depending what they wanted because one hated the water. We used to bath them in the basin but one would try to jump out so it wasn't safe.
I'd love a homegrown piggy but it's not happening - no way am I having mixed sex pairs.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 10/02/2019 14:31

Ours weren't deliberate homegrown - mis-sexed (2 sows , one wasn't)

My Dad being told by a "mate at work" put the boy back he won't harm the babies ....... no he flipping loved the babies , they went straight off an created another batch ! (Though he was a really good piglet sitter for the boars)

Then buying a sow. Definate sow . Proved it a few weeks later with her own BOGOF piglet .

Our GP2 was a terror for trying to leap out . I'm amazed just how far they can go, weighed down by soaked fur and a leap of faith.

fortifiedwithtea · 14/02/2019 22:49

Millie has made it to 8, it’s official.

She’s had a birthday week really. P@H were out of popcorn treats so she had a fruity cereal stick instead . Claws were clipped, she was judgy. No bath even though she is a bit smelly. Clean hutch which she does approve of.

Millie fell off the sofa never done that before. She was terrified but luckily not hurt.

Roofer turned up. He definitely thinks I’m mad. He inspected our roof whilst I held Millie wrapped in a towel on a search of the garden. We have no dandelions. How is this possible? Roofer gave her a fuss, i think he liked her. DD2 still wants to write to the Queen because Millie would be 100 if she was human [sceptical]

Here she is having her veg

Count down to Millie’s Birthday
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 15/02/2019 11:55

ohhh Happy (Belated) Birthday to Millie

Poor Love falling off the sofa , did she mis-judge the edge (or is her eyesight getting squiffy in her old age )

No dandelions Shock you should've got the roofer to search your NDN gardens with binoculars , gone round there , pretend there was something fallen in the garden and have them (only if they were weedkiller free and dog pee free) Not sure how you'd work that into a conversation though....

"Oh hello, I'm a roofer working at No 47, a bit of my drone - Yes we're a High Tech Roofers , we use drones to do a recce- landed in your garden, can I get it back? You don;t have a dog do you? Will I slip in weedkiller..? "

fortifiedwithtea · 15/02/2019 13:34

Haha, ndn no dogs as its a rental but they do have small Dc so probs don’t use weedkiller either.

No idea how she fall off sofa. DD2 got her out and plonked her on a towel way back from the edge , got up and left the room for a couple of minutes. I was sitting the other doing important research on the iPad 😂 when imheard the ‘plop’. I think her fat saved her from injury but she tells me it was her water retention 😉

OP posts:
FernieB · 15/02/2019 21:33

Glad Millie had a happy day/week! Sorry to hear about the sofa incident but that's why pigs need to be amply covered. Just in case a sofa pops up and forces them to fall off itGrin. She looks very snug in her towel.

BrizzleMint · 16/02/2019 08:06

Happy birthday Grin guinea pig birthdays are special, we don't know when any if ours are.
Aibu to buy a sow so we can? Hmm

fortifiedwithtea · 19/02/2019 02:35

I am awake at stupid o’clock because I have yet another migraine and I’m waiting for a triptan to work.

Checked on Millie because DH cleaned out her hutch earlier as I’m feeling rough. I suspected he hadn’t done it right, I Specifically asked him to give her a clean towel/fleece to sleep on. Found the poor old lady asleep in the bedroom area on just newspaper. No comfy bed under her log roll where she normally sleeps. Millie woke up as I was putting in one of her favourite double layer minky fleeces. She made many excited wheeks as she wobbled onto her fleecy bed. Then put her chin in the air for a grape as that is what I’d got with me.

How can I tell DH he fell below the standard required of a pig slave without appearing ungrateful as I felt too rough to do it myself?

OP posts:
Justagirlwholovesaboy · 19/02/2019 02:39

Just tell him to become a better slave or she’ll fire him, she looks adorable and very spoilt!

BrizzleMint · 19/02/2019 02:58

I am awake at stupid o’clock because I have yet another migraine and I’m waiting for a triptan to work.

Oh no! I had a headache earlier and went to bed because the guinea pigs were making so much noise playing with each other.
I hope the triptan works soon.

fortifiedwithtea · 19/02/2019 21:18

The day did not improve. Ive maxed out on paracetamol and triptans. To cap it all gardeners finished a day early on their previous job and started tackling the jungle that is our garden. Millie not happy about the noise and spent the day hiding her head under a blanket. The rest of her body was still visible🙄 good job she doesn’t live in the wild an eagle would have got her by now.

The roofer wont recognise us when he eventually turns up to do our repair. If you are thinking our house must be a bottomless pit of work needing doung, you would be right .

And Millie has eaten the scab off her huge lump and its looking very raw at the moment

OP posts:
FernieB · 20/02/2019 20:50

You are having a tough time. Hope you're feeling better now and Millie has recovered from the gardeners and DH's neglect. Millie really only has herself to blame for not training DH better. My pigs put in a lot of hard work when they first arrived so that I would be a well trained and disciplined slave. Grin

BrizzleMint · 20/02/2019 20:54

Poor Millie - and you.

Our pigs were demonstrating the ultimate in demanding silver service today, I treated them to a parsley plant as they were discounted in the supermarket - not that I told them it was discounted - and put the pot buried in their cage so they could nibble the fresh parsley. They took one look at the invisible pot and then sat there waiting for me to cut the parsley and distribute it between them.

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