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Has anyone had a house rabbit?

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LemonadeAndSchnapps · 19/12/2018 16:12

Looking to get a house bunny (or maybe two). Is there anything huge we need to know ? I have done quite a bit of research, so know about neutering, rabbit proofing the house, litter boxes, but does anyone have any experience of day to day rabbit life?

Thank you! Smile

OP posts:
bunnygeek · 19/12/2018 16:25

They're a lifestyle choice. Mine are no bother. They are cage free with their own bedroom. They are best with a quiet room of their own, not living out in a busy high-traffic living area like a living room or hallway. Utility rooms aren't the best either as they can be stressed with the humming and thumping of washing machines. Your own bedroom is also a bad idea as you WILL be woken up in the early hours.

You have to accept that hay will become embedded in any carpet or rugs. Stray poops will appear where you least expect them. There's also a high chance of you finding that one squashy poop they've done by treading on it and having to pick it out from between your toes (ewwwww).

That said I adore having mine indoors, I can deal with them without going out into freezing howling gales. I'll put up with the 4am wake up stomps. One of mine is very elderly and wobbly now, she wouldn't last outdoors, so having her indoors means I know she's always warm and comfortable and easy to medicate and monitor.

swizzlestix · 21/12/2018 06:36

There's a good Fb page ' house rabbits uk' with lots of info and photos. We wanted ours to be a house bunny but oddly she didn't eat enough hay when inside, as spent lots of time sitting in the windowsill like a cat or stretching out on the rug like a dog and wasn't bothered about eating hay. As a result her poos were a bit runny so we moved her back outside and just bring her in when there's not a huge difference in temp from outside and the heating is off.

Honey2468 · 24/12/2018 18:01

Yes! He was the best, I still miss him. Just get the litter tray training done early. It was all fine after that. I couldn’t have kept him outside anyways. Mine used to thump really loud if he heard a strange noise in the middle of the night. That was the only really annoying thing. Good luck!

notsurewhatshappening · 02/01/2019 20:49

They chew cables- we've replaced two chargers. Luckily no zaps! Either tie them up out if the way or fence them off. We have a large indoor run and they go outside during the day for exercise and grass nibbles.

Slowcookervegan · 04/01/2019 17:39

I have had outdoor and indoor bunnies. Right now i have an indoor bunny and he is adorable. Its just the 2 of us and we have a routine. I spend my morning coffee stroking him. He is caged at night and when I am out. (He has a habbit of ripping up carpet). You have to remember these are wild animals we live with.
Rabbits can be very destructive if bored. My front room is like a toddlers day care. Toys everywhere. I interact and play with him alot. Im lucky he doesn't thump. I know from experience that if i get him a partner they would ignore me and play together.
My rabbit is trained to come to his name, litter trained and trained to go to bed when told. Rabbits are very intelligent. They need alot of time out of their cages so they can play and if alone need alot of human interaction, i have epilepsy and have noticed if i have a seizure he wont leave my side and even warns me pre seizure. How dies he know?
Hes my sweet baby but be ready for bad days and naughty bunny moments too.

Has anyone had a house rabbit?
elbartoni · 07/06/2019 15:57

I have an indoor bunny and he's great.

He's a happy little fellow who loves zoomies around the living room (and up the stairs).

Just be aware that they can chew cables and boy rabbits, if not neutered, can mark their territory with pee.

My house rabbit loves to play with us. Especially if you lie on the floor and let him jump on your back!

He also has plenty of healthy rabbit toys which help keep him happy, healthy and can help prevent destructive behaviour.

Hope this helps.

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