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Can I show you my beautiful guinea pig?

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PigPogtastic · 10/09/2018 15:16

Got this lady recently to be a friend for my neutered male. I think she is utterly beautiful and am a bit besotted. She’s a rescue, how could you give up such a pretty thing?

Can I show you my beautiful guinea pig?
OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 10/09/2018 17:22

Oh my, she is so beautiful, what a lovely face.

Dramaticmuch · 10/09/2018 17:23

Aw, what a cutie! She is gorgeous.

SentToTheSynByn · 10/09/2018 17:31

I should not have clicked on this thread. I adore guinea pigs, and she is indeed beautiful. I wish I could have one, just not got the time to commit at the moment.

When I retire I am going to have several a couple.

thenightsky · 10/09/2018 17:36

Same as SentToTheSynByn I too should not have looked. She's gorgeous! I'd love some guineas, but I don't have the time or space.

GoodHeavensNoImAChicken · 10/09/2018 17:36

She is so cute, look at that little face. Thank you for rescuing

PigPogtastic · 10/09/2018 18:32

This is my male. He was from the rescue bit of a well known national pet store. All alone & unwanted because of his red eyes. Poor piggie. I had to abandon my “I will not buy from a store” because I felt so sorry for him.

Can I show you my beautiful guinea pig?
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 10/09/2018 22:03

Oh My .. you have yourself a Californian there Pig you are so lucky .

She is gorgeous . She will complement your boy perfectly.

And Red Eyes Rule Grin . One of my girls was a (check this) : chocolate pointed, ivory coated crested Himalayan with ruby eyes .
Beautiful but a little Madam to her last breath.

PigPogtastic · 10/09/2018 22:35

Thank you! I was told that when I got her but then the name disappeared from my head and all I could think was “something American”. Grin

I do like my little red eyed boy. His little quiff amuses me and he has a great little personality. My dh tells me he starts wheeking when he hears me on the stairs in the hope I might provide food.

OP posts:
frustratedashell · 10/09/2018 22:40

This is Sweetpea, I've had her and her little friend since April. They give me so much pleasure, it's great to have their company as I live alone

Can I show you my beautiful guinea pig?
PigPogtastic · 10/09/2018 22:48

Look at her little face! So cute.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 12/09/2018 22:20

Our teddy boar GP6 decided to go one better than your gorgeous girl and turned his fur green by sitting under is ReadiGrass rack.
I brought him in for DD to cuddle , he was khaki Grin.
Green should be a new colour for guineas !

(This is the same by who got henna on his nose )

BrightLightsandBlackHoles · 14/09/2018 21:41

Sooo beautiful! Glad she's found a lovely home Smile

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