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Having bunny PTS

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Smellbellina · 03/08/2018 15:45

About to take DBunny to the vets and i’m Pretty certain she’s going to be PTS. I think it’s the right thing to do, but i’m so upset.

She’s our special one, but she doesn’t seem to be able to be healthy. I don’t know what to do! She’s had recurring encephalitazoon (?) parasite and each time she can’t completely recover from her paralysis so she can’t be out with the other buns. She’s spent so many weeks/months now in a dog cage and I don’t see that the future would hold much more for her. I wish we could be here all the time to give her cuddles on the sofa (her favourite thing) but it’s just not practical. This is horrible!

OP posts:
Lifewithasixyearold · 03/08/2018 15:47

I couldn't not stop and just say I'm sorry, its so tough facing this x

Smellbellina · 03/08/2018 15:48

Thank you Life I just feel so guilty!

OP posts:
Scoopofchaff · 03/08/2018 15:56

Oh I am so sorry you are going through this op Flowers.

Recently lost my pair of lovely buns (a year apart) and I still miss them both so much.

The one who died most recently was suffering from an abscess which we treated repeatedly but didn't get better so we faced the same decision as you, so have an inkling of how you must be feeling right now.

In the end we felt we had made the right decision and if it's any consolation, after some time has passed, I think us pet-owners have more regrets about letting an animal linger and suffer rather than putting them out of their misery.

Scoopofchaff · 03/08/2018 15:56

Meant to add on the end there... so please don't feel guilty.

Smellbellina · 03/08/2018 19:23

Thank you Scoop it was the right thing to do I know, and the vet agreed. I just hope she felt loved!

OP posts:
Scoopofchaff · 04/08/2018 13:18

I'm sure she did Smellbellina hope you are feeling ok today.

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