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Bonding Guinea Pigs

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KittyMcKitty · 28/07/2018 15:25

I’m trying to bond my girlie (3.5) with another sow (approx 1.5) - it’s not going brilliantly- they’ve had about 4 sessions together in a run - much noise, nose raising, circling and a minor nip (I separated when that happened).

This morning they ate lettuce for a bit then the circling and grumbling started.

Is there any hope? The rescue piggie is adorable and I would hate to send her back Sad

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 28/07/2018 16:55

Sows can be right mardy little animals ( I have a pair that I got 2 years ago to bond with my existing 2sow+boar group....and they didn't)

My GP8 sow just won't accept the others. (The two older sows have passed last year , our boar lives alongside the 2 girls)
When we've tried , its fine for 5 minutes then she literally flies at him, chattering teeth, right on his back, biting, full of ball of fury style.
GP7 is slightly better (if a bit bossy) but I can't split her from GP8 as they were a pair .

They might be in season.
They might just need time.

Have you done a bonding bath? Nothing gets guinea-pigs in harmony like the mutual dislike of The Owner for stiking them in the wash. Nice strong scented shampoo (we used Lemongrass and Cedarwood Gorgeous Guineas)

Good luck.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 28/07/2018 17:00

Just saw your other thread , you got her on Tuesday. How were they are the Rescue?
Did they put them on neutral ground?

A paddling pool is good , scrub with white vinegar for no scent of pigs , bath them, big pile of hay or food.

Be prepared to throw the towel in (literally) if it gets rough , lob a small towel over one , keep you hands well out of bitey reach !

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