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New (chocolate themed name!) guinea pig :)

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BirthdayKake · 08/07/2018 19:41

Meet Cocoa :)

He's got a gorgeous blonde little face and then a sort of mix of dark grey/white on his body. Never really seen a pig like him!

New (chocolate themed name!) guinea pig :)
New (chocolate themed name!) guinea pig :)
New (chocolate themed name!) guinea pig :)
OP posts:
missmouse101 · 08/07/2018 19:44

Oh he is ADORABLE!

BirthdayKake · 08/07/2018 19:45

Thank you!

Sorry about double post Confused no idea what happened there!

OP posts:
TheScottishPlay · 08/07/2018 19:45

He's a handsome chap, for sure. Looks like you've found a fab home Cocoa!

FrancisCrawford · 08/07/2018 19:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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