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Rabbits, male or female??

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DanceDanceDance80 · 04/04/2018 04:17

Hi, were looking at getting 2 rabbits but not sure which sex to get. Would 2 males or 2 females get on better? They would be from the same litter so known each other from birth. We don't want a male and female.

OP posts:
MissMoneyPlant · 04/04/2018 10:46

In theory two males will get on better... but they will still need to be neutered as soon as they are old enough, or will fight.
A male and female is supposed to be the best bond.
I recommend having a look in rescue centres, have a look online too and see if there's any rabbit/small pet specific ones. You may be able to get a bonded pair.
Also find out as much as possible about rabbit care and pair bonding - there's more to looking after rabbits than most people think!

bunnygeek · 05/04/2018 13:42

A neutered and spayed male/female pair is the most secure bond. A same sex pair if left intact will fight. Intact males have been known to neuter each other with teeth >_<

My pair are siblings, but a male/female pair who were neutered loooong ago. They're 11 years old now. There is no guarantee a sibling pair will get on though. Same with humans!

I echo MissMoneyPlant - look in rescues for already neutered and bonded pairs. Much easier than getting babies.

AlonsoTigerHeart · 05/04/2018 13:55

*Intact males have been known to neuter each other with teeth >_

AlonsoTigerHeart · 05/04/2018 13:56


I'm so busy cringing at the thought of it that I forgot to check my post

Lowdoorinthewal1 · 05/04/2018 19:46

Is the reason you don't want a male/ female pair because you don't want the expense of neutering? If so, you need to consider that they are expensive in other ways too.

I have heard un-neutered females are very likely to have gynea problems later in life, so you may end up paying for an ill rabbit then.

My sibling male/ female were best friends unless there was only one carrot , it was so sweet.

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