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Guinea pig hutch issues causing severe stress - to me!

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DoinItForTheKids · 03/02/2018 11:27


Have had two rescue guinea pigs on hold for the arrival of a made to order hutch (in order to meet the RSPCAs 'must be 5 ft x 2 ft min' rule on size. It was going to be exactly the right size and painted white just as DD wanted (it's going to be an indoor hutch). It was also therefore not going to have felt on the roof, just wood which of course would also look nice in an indoor room.

So, we were supposed to have this here hutch delivered on Sunday - last night at 10.30pm they let me down and offered no alternatives. I even said I'd come and collect the individual components of that hutch, or another one they might have lying around that was of the same size but I was rebuffed and now have no conclusion to that other than, I'm stuffed and there's now no hutch.

RSPCA are expecting photos of it all set up with confirmed measurements before we can go to the foster home and meet the two pigs.

I've been to my local pet store - they only have huge 6 ft x 3 ft outdoor type hutches. No good. I cannot get one delivered in time for Sunday seeing as it's now Saturday so I'm stuffed on that.

So last night I ordered this one from petsathome: which is W156 cm x D83 cm. Now, I HATE working in cm's and whilst it might be the European standard, I do not understand why retailers cannot also put the measurement in feet and blasted inches as well! Angry. Now my DD is saying (in a disparaging voice, like she's humouring someone demented) "But it's too big mother" and I cannot cope with metric conversions that give me decimal results, so (and forgive my mathematical stupidity, I did get an E at 'O' level Grin, but is 5.11811 just over 5 ft (in which case yay) or, is it nearly 6ft. I think it's just over 5 ft.

We WERE originally going to get this one from petsathome: but then the RSPCA told us it was too small (its W122 cm x D45 cm)) so that's when we cancelled the order (and that's when we ordered the custom made one).

I wouldn't mind, but the RSPCA said that this what the foster carer is using: - and that's not 5 ft! It's 2 ft deep, but it's not the 'required minimum' 5 ft length and I'm just utterly confused at this point and no longer know what to do or what to order!

OP posts:
bunnygeek · 05/02/2018 13:46

Would any of these work? Again though, not a fix for "instant" as they don't have a speedy turnaround unless they happen to have the panels in stock.

There's similar panels here as well:

Bamaluz · 05/02/2018 19:32

The foster carer will just be a temporary home, the RSPCA want to make sure the permanent hutch has enough space for the guinea pigs to live out the rest of their lives in comfort.

And it is just over 5 ft.

NigelMolesworth · 05/02/2018 19:44

We have the cage that the RSPCA foster carer is using. I could measure in inches if you want or take a photo if you want to see what it looks like?

rightsaidfrederickII · 05/02/2018 21:41

Length = 156cm = 5 ft 1 and a half inches
Depth = 52cm = 1 foot 8 and a half inches (but I doubt they're going to quibble over 3.5 inches)

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