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Trimming shelties

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Hauntedlobster · 01/01/2018 22:28

I adopted two wee shelties today - not sure about cutting their hair though.
Any one done this before and have any tips?

Trimming shelties
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RaspberryRuffless · 02/01/2018 14:51

I cut my pigs hair when it starts getting really long, sometimes use scissors but find it much easier using hair clippers with a guard on it. The clippers must just feel like getting their hair brushed and they don't bother. I have a washing up basin, put a towel on the bottom of the basin then put the pig in, usually with some veg, then just cut their hair a little at a time. Although I can't say it's always the neatest haircut Grin but definitely makes a difference.

EastMidsGPs · 02/01/2018 16:39

What a cute pair !
I've not had Shelties but have home trimmed piggies with longer hair around their bums. Never very neatly but they've never seemed to bother. One of us holding the other of us with a pair of scissors.

It's not the trimming they mind ..... it's the bathing !! 😉

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/01/2018 19:34

Ahhhh sweet piggies. Grin

Years ago (many years) I bought a pig who turned out to be a Peruvian, some owners roll the hair in paper rollers (Stuff That my pig said)

We have a pig with longish hair , it does need a tidy round the rump (my pigs have daily fresh bedding but still manky)

We do a 2 person hold and trim.
Hold the segment of fur between index and middle finger then trim so the scissors are against your skin not theirs.
Unless you plan to show them go for practical over looks when it comes to coat length.

They'll be judgey but I'm sure they'll thank you (especially in warmer weather)

Ekphrasis · 02/01/2018 19:51

I excitedly clicked on here thinking they were the dog sort... then puzzled over the picture. Grin

Hauntedlobster · 02/01/2018 20:11

Haha they’re cute though ekphrais eh?

So I should just buy some clippers? This is not going to end well 😂

OP posts:
Hauntedlobster · 13/01/2018 16:29

I’ve ordered clippers, did the longer haired one today with scissors and she looks like a 4 year old who has been playing st hair salons Blush
She started off so beautiful 😫

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