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Guinea pig after aesthetic

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Trottersindependenttraders · 06/11/2017 18:57

Hi super furry fans, Fuzzbert had a GA this morning to take some cultures from his chest to try to get to the bottom of his recurring chest infection. We have a fab exotic pet vet who knows Fuzz and I trust him to make the right call.

Picked him up at 3pm, couldn’t get him to eat any of his favourites so called the vet and they’ve given me some critical care which i’m Syringing and syringing water. My question is how often should I do this through the night? The CC appears to have given him enough energy to eat a carrot (his fave!) so i’m pleased. He’s still a bit drunk but we plan to have him snooze on my knee this evening to keep warm and so I can monitor the wee & poo situation.

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 06/11/2017 21:28

Poor Fuzzbert !

When our GP3 was castrated he was pretty with it and eager to eat when we got him back but I don't know if his level of anaesthesia would've been lighter than what your boy had.

When I have to do CC , I make it quite sloppy and feed every 2 hours. Usually though its a pig who is past caring so unlike your piggie who you're giving to convalesce (like Guinea Complan Grin ) if its given when they won't take anything its little&often as long as it takes.

If he's groggy at all you need to ensure he doesn't choke. A tiny bit just behind his teeth and let him chew the syringe, then it'll go down his foodpipe.

Your Vet must've been happy with his recovery before he left there.
A night of cuddling and feeding like a little Prince for Fuzzbert .!

Trottersindependenttraders · 06/11/2017 22:37

Thanks 70.

I’ve popped him back into his cage and he’s tucking into hay and some corriander. I will set my alarm to check and / or feed him in the night.

It’s like having a newborn again!!

Guinea pig after aesthetic
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FernieB · 07/11/2017 09:53

Hope Fuzzbert is feeling better this morning - poor boy. My pigs have always jumped right back into scoffing food straight after an op, but they’re very greedy. My old bun, however, took nearly two weeks (and many vets appointments) before he was eating his own food and back to his old self after a dental op last year.

I gave him CC little and often and initially made it quite sloppy, then gradually over a few days, made it a bit stodgier to encourage him to chew. Best to squirt it behind the teeth at an angle so they have to chew it. As he was on it so long, I blitzed carrots, kale and some of his nuggets, in the blender and started to mix them in, to give him the taste and encourage him to eat.

Although if Fuzz was troughing coriander and hay last night, he’s probably fine.

Trottersindependenttraders · 07/11/2017 10:33

He’s not great this morning, sadly. He’s eaten a little hay on top of the cc i’ve been feeding him. I’m just going to keep an eye on him this morning and keep the cc going. We’re not sure of his age as he was a rescue pig, maybe he is older than we thought.
I feel like i’ve broken him as despite his chest infection he was he usual self when I left him with the vet yesterday. I wish I could turn back time and not have put him through it Sad

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