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HELP, I think my guinea pig is overdue!!

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Ashley3000 · 04/09/2017 20:06

Please help, we brought two 'boy' guinea pigs who lived together. One day we realised that one looked pregnant so we took 'him' to the vet and of course he was a she and she was indeed pregnant! We first noticed the rounded sides and bulge about the 1st July. It's now the 4th September and she's massive... she must be getting on for overdue? She seems happy, eating normally and chatting when hungry (or to the dad through the cage).... I haven't heard the teeth chattering from babies but do see ripples through her body which I think are babies moving. I think we are going to take her to the vet this week for an ultra sound but it's at least a 20 minute drive and don't want to stress her out with it unless we need to... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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indulgentberries · 04/09/2017 20:12

Oh, how exciting. I found this online, sharing for you here in return for photos of ever so cute new piggies! :-)

Normal Labour What Should Happen & When You Need A Vet
A normal labour should be very short and sweet with little or no blood (excluding blood
from the placentas being eaten). Sows should start
labour and deliver all the babies within about an hour (my pigs have delivered all babies in about 1/2 hour but the litters have been 5 or less babies)

A sow in labour will sit very squarely and make a hiccup type movement (the contraction), then look under her, as if she is getting a "poop" to eat.
She should tear the sac with her teeth over the babies mouth as soon as the head appears, she will then pull the baby out on the next contraction. She should eat the sac and lick the baby clean. A very heavily pregnant sow may not be able to properly reach under herself to open the sac and pull the baby out. If you happen upon her in labour,
help her get the babies from under her and clean them up. Otherwise they can suffocate in the amniotic sac.

It is usually best if there is about 10 minutes between babies but that is not always the case. If she is not attending to the newest baby reach in the cage and open the sac over the face so it can breathe, you can then put the baby back next to her or clean it yourself. I personally clean the baby myself. If a baby isn't responding the way the mother likes she may nip the ears or toes to get it to breath. It isn't uncommon for an overzealous mom to actually chew toes off or ears.

Very important!!!!!!!!!!:

It could be a prolapsed uterus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See above picture


~ If she squeals loudly and repeatedly during labour (most sows are quiet when in labour)while not producing a baby
~ Straining for more than 10 minutes without delivering a baby
~ Excessive bleeding (more than a TBSP, or dripping blood like a faucet) shavings with blood on them (where she delivered) are normal, as is light spotting for a day or so after delivery
~ Listlessness
~ Lumps in her abdomen after labour has stopped (babies feel about the size of a walnut or
~ Not eating or drinking and/or smells like nailpolish remover or has sweet breath anywhere
from 2 weeks before to two weeks after delivery
~ Hunched appearance
~ Ruffled hair
~ Dull or sunken eyes
~ Anything that doesn't deliver completely and hangs out of her vent. Leave it alone
and rush her to a vet.
~ A cold belly before delivery.
~ Reluctance to move when you put your hand in her cage.

Any other gut feeling that there is something wrong with her!

The sow usually picks a spot in the cage that she is most comfortable in and will always
rest here for the last part of her pregnancy. This is where she will likely have her family.

It is very normal and common for the sow to eat all the placentas so don't be concerned
if you don't see them, unless she is not bright eyed, moving about and eating and drinking.

Sows will normally be eating and drinking and moving about the cage right after the

Ashley3000 · 04/09/2017 20:18

I will absolutely post pictures of the babies if they (and she) is okay! Thank you for the information, fingers crossed this is still relevant if she isn't overdue!!

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indulgentberries · 04/09/2017 20:28

There's an old thread about overdue piggies

warning though, one was stillborn - there were three. There is quite a bit of info on the page though.

Ashley3000 · 04/09/2017 20:36

Fab, thank you, I'll have a read!

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Ashley3000 · 09/09/2017 15:27

Hi indulgentberries, I just wanted to let you know that we took mum to the vet yesterday for a scan. She had 1 baby which was too big for her to give birth too, she had a c-section but unfortunately the baby died. Mum is okay and recovering well thank goodness. Thank you for your support but no babies pictures I'm afraid...

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EastMidsGPs · 09/09/2017 16:50
Indulgentberries · 09/09/2017 18:21

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope that your lovely piggy recovers well.

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