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Had anyone used ziggyspiggies cage liners?

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Stillwaitingforsummer · 23/08/2017 21:47

They look great - thick, soft and absorbent but I'd like to hear from other people before buying any?

OP posts:
Stillwaitingforsummer · 02/09/2017 22:05

OK so has anyone used fleece liners?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/09/2017 23:02

I've used fleece in the indoor cages in winter but I don't wash it (I really don't want my washing machine clogging up )

Things VetBed are ££ but I can see they'd be brilliant for older or arthritic animals.

I;ve tried all types of bedding, mine like sleeping in hay, I'm not keen on loose hay indoors .
Last year , the plastic based cage had wood pellets (rodent safe) newspaper , fleece under the pigloo and hay cookies.
The C&C had cardboard, newspaper , a soft mat to sleep on with puppy pads/newspaper and haycookies.
So each cage had a soft sleep area.

I rolled everything up and replaced it daily, bought cheap fleeces from Primark or Ikea and cut them up.

The only way my rodenty ones are comfortable is with daily fresh bedding so the re-use fleece isn't for me, but I do lnow some owners like it to wick the pee through (you'd need a base absorbant layer) and sweep the droppings off.

Our pigs sleep in the small bedroom , I need to get them out in the Pighouse (fresh bedding) and clean the indoor cages, and feed them before breakfast and getting myself to work and everyone out the house.

Its a case of trialling and see if it suits you and your pigs.

Stillwaitingforsummer · 03/09/2017 09:48

These from ziggies piggies have an absorbent middle layer. They're not cheap, but if it means I don't have hay strewn around it will be worth it.
Ours love cuddles on a fleecey blanket so think they'd like it.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 03/09/2017 10:36

Hay is the bane of my life when the pigs live in Grin

(Hay cookies are much easier , keeps them occupied too because they have to work for their hay)

Years ago my DC had HippyChick bed pads (bought from Boots) - I recycled them (basically fleece/liner/fleece sandwich) sewed together.
Hippychick liners are like thick felt with a waterproof middle layer , can be hotwashed.

Basically didn't cost me anything to make but our pigs at the time prefered to sit in a hay trug rather than my carefully fashioned bedding Grin

If you don't mind the faff with washing them then the liners will work out cost effective . You'd need enough to have spare while they dry , wash them in a pillowcase tied up. And there's the fur to brush off as well as hay (see I'm talking myself out of fleeces as I type) !
And detergent that won;t irrtate your pigs' noses ( we used Ecover)

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 03/09/2017 10:38

Blush I used the word 'basically' twice, I never use that word IRL, its one of DS choice phrases.

DudeHatesHisCarryOut · 03/09/2017 13:22

I use washable incontinence pads rather than fleece. They work well. I empty the contents into the compost bin, brush them down then throw in the washing machine. By the time I've brushed them there's not too much to block the machine. I used to rinse them in the bath, too, beforehand, but gave up with that idea.

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