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New piggies!

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FauxFox · 08/07/2017 13:30

Introducing my new piggies! They are so lovely and settling in really well, I was up til 1am checking the hutch and then got up at about 4 to have a quick peek too so I am knackered but the pigs are fine, the hitch is fox proof and all is well!

So we have three little boars,
the black chap who is the bravest and friendliest - his coat is the softest guinea-coat I've ever stroked Smile
The teddy bear one who is the most timid - I have never had a teddy-pig before and he is so cute! His whiskers are all curly Smile
The golden one has a lovely blond tummy and is quite shy but also, I think, probably the dominant one in the herd Smile

New piggies!
New piggies!
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 08/07/2017 17:45

Awwww Welcome to your new little piglets Smile Now you've done the formal introduction and pigtures you know they'll need MN Nicknames .

Are they all "baby" babies? Beautiful little faces .

My boy (Bert) GP6 - wants you to know that Curly Whiskers means you have yourself a Rex (our GP3 was Rex) they are very similar to Teddy (the whiskers are the main difference, Teddy are straight) but our Rex's fur was slightly springier than Berts.

And Rex grow huge Grin GP3 was a good 1.4 kg at a year (when he was neutered) but it gives you a whole lot of pig to hug .

Boars are lovely and snuggly and I miss the Boar smell that our GP1 had .

You'll be fussing over them , making sure they eat, making sure they're cool enough, ...... they'll get their collective paws under the table .Smile

EastMidsGPs · 08/07/2017 18:59

Oh my 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

FauxFox · 08/07/2017 21:14

Ooh I don't know if he's a Rex 70 his whiskers are definitely curly - I wondered if he might be a little bit of a rosette swell as he's definitely got a crown of a whorl on his side and a bit of a mohican...

They are all very sweet and all around 8 weeks I think, quite tiny compared to the ones we lost...It will be so funny if teddy-pig ends up massive compared to the others Grin

I will have to think of a nickname and get back....

OP posts:
FauxFox · 09/07/2017 08:01

How about curlypig (the possible Rex), shinypig (the super soft black one) and fleekypig (for the gold agouti one - he looks very 'lux' - salon fresh Grin)?
Curly and Fleeky are having some breakfast but Shiny is still hiding and eating his bed instead so far this morning...they will be out in the grass run when the dew dries up so that will make them happy Smile

OP posts:
FauxFox · 09/07/2017 08:04

Oh also I meat to say that Curly has an old wound on his leg - only small and looks clean, dry, crusted over. He's not limping or anything and doesn't flinch when I check it out so I'm assuming that is all healing fine and not a worry - am I right?

OP posts:
FauxFox · 12/07/2017 07:09

Piggies have settled right in 😊 They spent yesterday afternoon in a crate in the kitchen because it was so rainy and Shinypig watched a bit of CSI on my lap Grin

They are all much braver and friendlier already - love them all ❀️

OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 12/07/2017 08:12

Grin new piggies are always exciting (despite the v sad circumstances you've found yourselves in to have them come live with you)

Our Sadie loves to watch sport with DH especially Geoff Stelling on Sky on Saturdays during the football season. But she is also partial to a bit of cricket.

Mollie isn't so bothered about TV but she does show some interest in Escape To The Country and Nigel Slayer's gentle cooking

FernieB · 12/07/2017 08:26

Such cute piggies. They're very lucky - special crates in the kitchen (near the magic food portal) and watching CSI! Mine watched a bit of Wimbledon yesterday but weren't impressed at those people in white trampling that nice grassWink

The cut on Curly sounds fine. If it's clean, dry and basically healed, it's okay. It's probably something,he picked up from being amongst a group of piggies all trying to get to the food at once.

user838383 · 12/07/2017 16:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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