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Quick answer needed re v short term guinea pig house

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Rinkydinkypink · 28/06/2017 17:28

Could I put two baby piggies in a heavy duty, clear sided large bottomed (87L) plastic storage box? Sides 30cm high. With all the proper, food, bedding, Hideaways etc? It would be for 48hrs while we wait for the delivery of a proper hutch? It's either this or turn them away?

OP posts:
Heratnumber7 · 28/06/2017 17:45

Yes. But I woukd give them at least a couple of opaque walls so they don't feel exposed. I.e. Against a wall, or paper stuck to the sides.

*not a GP expert

Rinkydinkypink · 28/06/2017 18:06

Thanks number7. I have no piggy experience at all and I'm beginning to think it might not be the best solution for the animals. I'm not certain it would work well.

OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 28/06/2017 20:00

Yes I reckon they will be fine. Make sure box is covered.
We emergency adopted a baby once, it was too small and the weather too cold for her to go in with the others in the utility room for her first night.
Kept her in large cardboard box with hay and stuff. The box had a blanket over it, this dipped into the box without us noticing. Looked over and the little monkey was out and sitting on top of blanket 😃

SlowRiver · 28/06/2017 20:10

Absolutely fine as a short term measure

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 30/06/2017 00:34

They'll be fine short term, baby piglets will hide themselves in their hidey houses anyway.

I built a fabulous C&C run for GP3/GP4/GP5 (three lardy adults) with a sleeping area/run/food area.
They crammed themselves into a washing basket full of hay Shock (Washing basket had doors cut out each end and a cardboard lid)

Little toads Grin

We'll be expecting Pigtures.
Bit like " MN Parking Thread Diagram Demands "..................... new piggies need photos.

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