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help! Bunnies- can't decide on runs- run around or permanent?

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dangermouseisace · 21/06/2017 08:31

Hello. It looks like we might be getting a pair of rescue bunnies. Last time I had a rabbit I was a teenager so I don't have any 'stuff'. I've already decided on hutch set up (wendy house) however, I'm struggling with run. We have a large garden so have plenty of space.

I'm stuck between getting a large wooden walk in run (10 foot long) or getting a runaround system with an 8x4 run, tubes etc and then adding to it as the bunnies get a bit more settled (and when I have more money). The walk in one might be better for socialising with bunnies and is obviously secure, but the runaround seems like it might be more exciting for the bunnies long term. I'm a bit worried that the rabbits might choose to have far less interaction with humans though and get scared? This might be unfounded. I'm also worried about security as there are lots of animals about- cats/foxes etc.

If we went for the permanent structure the site is sheltered and at least part of it is shaded all day. I'd put down slabs, and obviously put stuff to dig in, tubes and all that jazz.

In both set ups the rabbits would get to have some free range time in the garden when we're at home most days (the only times they wouldn't would be when it's winter if we're not in during daylight!)

Anyone who has any experience- your views would be appreciated because I'm stuck! TIA

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/06/2017 13:58

Can you do both?

A hole cut in the wall of the Wendy House to the paved run that they can access all the time. Put toys for them , a digging box of earth, a cover over if needed.

Then from another side put the tunnel and attatch to the run that you can move to fresh grass.
Only downside I can see with rabbits is the digging but the RunARound site says they don't use a mesh floor , but you can sink one under the grass.

While you're waiting for them could you lay mesh under some top soil and regrass? Or dig up turf and lay mesh then put the turf back. Then you can move the run safely (and it'd keep them safe from predators) . They'll want to be out when they choose Grin

And you might get rabbits that aren't particularly sociable (some just like their own kind for company) so a walk in might not be utilised. (Make it easier to clean though)

I have a wooden playhouse for my guineas and I was idly pondering the idea of rabbits once I'm pigless (which will be years off)

I love the piggies , but they do need to be put in/put out and vunerable. Rabbits are still vunerable but can decide themselves.
And putting them to bed safely at night for safety yes, but in their natural wild life they'd be out very early/very late.
You can do early morning bunny duty to open the doors.

TimeIhadaNameChange · 26/06/2017 09:55

Mine have a large, fixed run. We have various predators around (mink, otters, pine marten) so security was the main concern. Don't get me wrong, they have tunnels to run through, plants to run up / hide under, but they are confined to the one place.

I'm mean but they are shut up for the night. Tbf, at the moment I'm not shutting them up til about half ten, but they're not out until 8 in the morning. I know in the wild they'd be out earlier, but they have lots of hay and running / jumping options in their shed, so they're not hard done by.

I do, sometimes, go and read in their pen. They'll come and investigate for the first few minutes, but once they decide I'm not up to anything they tend to leave me alone.

dangermouseisace · 27/06/2017 11:31

Thanks for your replies. I've been busy trying to sort stuff with council(council house) as I think they are somewhat bemused by my requests and whether a large run counts as a shed- has to be far away from the house .

It's good to get other views- we think we're going for fixed run, with, as you suggest, mesh under it. The bottom of our garden is a big mess so it's actually probably a good thing that the rabbits would have to go there as I'd be forced to sort it out. And then when I'm rich (haha) maybe add some run around stuff around the perimeter of the garden.

OP posts:
Millie2013 · 05/07/2017 07:12

It's so lovely to read posts from such rabbit savvy people, who appreciate how much space they need :)

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