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ChangelingToday · 03/06/2017 11:24

Hi, I am a new pet owner, I mean I've never had a pet before ever unless you count goldfish! So this is all new to me!
I have this lovely little girl, she's just over ten weeks, her mother is a terrier and dad a shitzu.
Still potty training, we're getting there slowly.
I have a crate for her and she's ok with it during the day if we're out but at night is not at all happy being in there, she cried and whined all night, I did read somewhere yesterday that we should put her in there sometimes during the day when we're here, so maybe that might help? I work at home and need quiet when I have a client so my question really is what to do with her while I have a client? Appointments are just for an hour a few times a week. Do I just try this thing I read about getting her used to her crate while we're here during the day, maybe a few minutes at a time?
Any feedback or help appreciated!

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Theworldisfullofidiots · 03/06/2017 11:26

My dog is crate trained. We used to put him in there when he was a puppy for short periods during the day when we were there. He got used to it quickly and it's now his 'home'. When I have clients he goes in there and is v quiet.

SwearyBerry · 03/06/2017 11:54

I slept on the sofa in the lounge with the puppy in the crate beside me for the first week, and never really had any probs after that for overnight. Though ours has never been keen on going in there in the daytime. You could try giving her a few little treats in there, or a stuffed kong when she gets a bit bigger - keep her quiet for a while when you have clients. The kong will tire her out, so should have a nice sleep after.

BagelGoesWalking · 03/06/2017 11:58

This is a really good group. Look in Files section for loads of info on new puppies. Also, in The Doghouse section you'll find various puppy survival threads which will probably help as well. Smile

BagelGoesWalking · 03/06/2017 11:58

Doghouse section of Mumsnet, I meant.

ChangelingToday · 03/06/2017 16:21

Thanks so much 🤗

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EezerGoode · 03/06/2017 16:27

Is she crying to come out for a wee.ive a 10 week old pup too.she wees constantly..she's gated in half of the kitchen with open doors to the outside..I know crates are popular at the moment ,but it's never been anything I did with my last dog.or intend to do with this one..

ChangelingToday · 03/06/2017 20:34

She's very snuggley, literally wants to sit in between my feet wherever or whatever I'm doing. We can't let her run around outside unaccompanied just yet unfortunately, getting our garden fenced soon though but it's not safe enough just yet. Doesn't pee constantly no!

OP posts:
PeachPearPotato · 10/06/2017 14:03

Can't really advise without a photo Wink

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