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Which hutch to go for? Advice please!

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missmodular2 · 16/05/2017 21:08

I have a friend whose rabbit has just died ( of old age - it was 12!) And is offering me their old hutch. The hutch is as old as the rabbit was when it died but was purpose made and seems very well made and likely to have plenty of use left in it. BUT, it's only 4ft wide and the recommendation from RWAF seems to be 6ft wide minimum. But it does have an upstairs and downstairs bit accessible via a ramp, so I'm wondering if that counts as 8ft in total width?

Another option is a 6ft wide hutch being sold locally but it's only a single floor.

Which would be the better hutch to get, do you think? I haven't got any rabbits yet but intend to get two rescue buns. I just want to get the best hutch for their welfare.

I'd be looking to attach the hutch to a run via a Runaround tunnel.

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 16/05/2017 22:32

Hello miss

All the advice on hutches is no you can't count a double layer as 2 x 4' = 8' because you have to allow for the space for the ramp and the open space 'door' where the ramp is.

And they're meant to do " 3 Hops" (so depending on the size of your rabbits that can be huge Smile
I read on the website where we got 2 of our guinea-pigs that bigger breeds shouldn't use ramps as it can damage their spines)

Single floor is better and add a huge run. There's loads of ideas on sites like RunAround and A Hutch is Not Enough.

Actually, if I was getting bunnies (which I'm not, I'm a PiggieMum) I'd do similar to what my pigs have-

Wooden playhouse Grin

Loads on eBay. Or a shed.

Shelter, space , potential to add a run at the side.
Different levels to climb (shelves)
You can go and chat with them.
They get ventilation (you can do clever things with screen doors- make sure its all fox proof)

Most Rescues will have the minimal requirement they expect for housing.

D'you know rabbits would run 5 miles a day given the space? So more is more for bunnies .

Your Bunnies 2 Be will thank you Grin

Wolfiefan · 16/05/2017 22:36

We had bunnies in a hutch but in a shed! They had the run of the shed but bed in the hutch.
An outside run too for daytime.
Years ago mind you!

missmodular2 · 16/05/2017 23:46

Thanks both! DH isn't keen on getting another shed (we have two already Grin ) but if it helps us all to be able to interact with them (especially in the winter when the kids are less inclined to venture out into the garden) then there might be a strong case to have another one!

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ineedamoreadultieradult · 16/05/2017 23:49

Always go as big as possible and even when you''ve done that if practical let them free range around your garden as much as possible.

missmodular2 · 17/05/2017 16:54

Unfortunately we have foxes round here so free ranging will be limited to when we are in the garden to supervise.

I'm thinking of getting some runaround tunnels and putting a mini run behind the main shed. That way they get extra space that we don't use anyway - is there a maximum length of tunnel beyond which a rabbit wouldn't use? I'm thinking 16ft from patio to behind shed...

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