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hilda258 · 13/03/2007 18:11

is this normal, our hamster looks bright and alert but he keeps twitching on quite a regular basis, it's his whole body does a few jumps and then he stops. Had a few hamsters in the past but never noticed this before, he is not old, only a few months.

OP posts:
MellowMa · 13/03/2007 18:15

Message withdrawn

hilda258 · 13/03/2007 18:59

what could it be then? as i said he is not old. when he sits up on his back legs his paw twitch and when he sits down he still twitches a bit. He doesn't seem off colour, eating and drinking ok, inquisitive enough.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 13/03/2007 19:05

maybe he is allergic to the bedding?

hilda258 · 13/03/2007 19:11

Nothing seems to have changed recently, same wood shavings, bedding, food etc. Reluctant to go to vets cos of the extortionate fees but maybe i will have to. It doesn't seem right and he wasn't doing it before, only noticed it last night.

OP posts:
Aloveheart · 13/03/2007 19:14

vet fees for hamsters aren't that expensive i've had hamsters and i have 2 rats. It cost me £6 to have my hamster put to sleep due to old age.

hilda258 · 13/03/2007 19:17

we had a hamster put to sleep a few years ago and it cost a lot more than that, there is about a £10 plus consultation fee straight off plus the treatment on top. One of our cats cost us a small fortune a few months ago!

OP posts:
Aloveheart · 13/03/2007 19:18

Is there anohtehr vets you could go to that might be cheaper??

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