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Millie has a sore paw

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fortifiedwithtea · 11/03/2017 12:28

I need 70 to channel her podiatry skills from humans to pigs.

Millie going into boarding in 3 days times. Took her out to the garden and inspected her feet. The silly pig has stood on a pooh and its dried on. This has blistered her foot and broken the skin. I got a damp kitchen roll and wiped all traces of poo off her feet including between her toes, she protested a lot. Millie is on grass in the run .

What first aid will be the most effective. I want to avoid a full blown case of bumble foot.


OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 11/03/2017 19:11

Poor Millie - (though TBF my Podiatry skills cut no ice with my cavies and most - not all but most- of my patients don't try to attack me. I've had my moments though)

Probably warm salted water to soften and cleanse then something to moisturise (something that won;t harm if she licks her paw? I use Gorgeous Guineas Calendula but at a pinch I'd use vegetable oil lightly rubbed in)

You might need a couple of treatments to get best effect.

About a month before GP4 died I thought she had crusted pooh on her leg, turned out to be a new proper claw, like a dogs' dew claw, on the outer side of her ankle. Thankfully we didn't pull at it and I was really "Whoa" cutting it because I didn't know where the quick was.

fortifiedwithtea · 11/03/2017 19:50

After hours on the grass, Millie has created a pooh mountain that she walked through again as I leaned in to get her. Great clump of pooh stuck between her toes. I was not happy and Millie was ticked off as I got to work with wet kitchen roll again. Arrgh!!!

OP posts:
FernieB · 11/03/2017 20:46

Just think how bored you would have been if Millie hadn't made a mess of herself again. It's not as if you had anything else to do and you clearly love washing her paws Wink. Actually it was very selfless of Millie to sacrifice her paws just for your weekend entertainmentConfused.

fortifiedwithtea · 11/03/2017 23:53

Grin @ Fernie

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 12/03/2017 01:16

My piggies haven't grazed yet (so they're all Envy )
Is there any chance of grit or similar getting caught up in the pooh mix and causing injury?

fortifiedwithtea · 12/03/2017 10:32

70 Millie doesn't move round her hutch much, I put that down the huge lump on her bum and massive amounts of fluid retention. Honestly she looks like a furry water bomb.

My guess is she has stood on a pooh for hours and the effect is the same as nappy rash.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 12/03/2017 11:16

We have a photo of Bert last summer standing on the wooden bar at the edge of the wooden sun house (IRL a chest of drawers carcass with all the drawers and support bits taken out)
He has pooh between his toes Hmm and is looking longingly at a solitary dropping beside him.
"Ooh I have shit between my feet, possibly not even mine, and there's another to stamp in".......good job he's neutered. Grin

FernieB · 12/03/2017 11:51

Hope Millie's feet are okay.

Mine haven't been out yet either and Ginger can't wait. Madam has never (to the best of my/the rescues knowledge) been outside before so I've been harvesting grass to build her up for the lawn mowing season. The first time I gave her a small pile of grass, she sniffed at it cautiously and ran away. Only the sight of Ginger munching happily could entice her to give it a try. Now she's realised it's the fresher version of hay, she's a convert.

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