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Ahhhh, and so it is. The Rainbow Bridge welcomes GP4

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/02/2017 18:36

Our GP4 , lardy tri-colour sow Trinity has slipped across the Bridge to meet up with Oreo (GP5) and her first PigHusband Dill (GP3)

She'd been unwell a while (bleeding in her wee) but this had cleared up pretty well and she was ploughing on.
We brought them (GP4 and GP6) a couple of days ago, gave her a bum dip . She stayed pretty clean (hurrah we though).
But then she wasn't eating Sad so we started the Critical Care.

Last night she seemed 'cold' . We left her sleeping in a huge pile of hay and I though this was "it".
This morning she was lying flat when we gave her CC.
DD came home from school, still with us. DH had been working from home, her checked her periodically.
Then about 5pm, DD calls me on the mobile.......she's gone Sad
She'd passed really quietly , lying flat with her little legs straight out behind her (weird piggie) .

Little tricolour piggie, came to live with us in 2014 with her feisty cagemate . Poor GP3 didn't know what happened !

Poor Bert must be getting a complex, he;s lost two pigwives in two months.
GP7 and GP8 are debating if they actually want to marry him.............Wink

Peaceful end to a life of love.

OP posts:
NomDePlumeReloaded · 23/02/2017 18:39
LatinForTelly · 23/02/2017 18:42

That's sad, 70, but she had a great life with you, and it sounds like it was peaceful at the end. Flowers

FernieB · 23/02/2017 19:38

Sorry - posted on the other thread. Sending lots of parsley hugs to Bert. The other two would be very lucky if Bert decided he wanted to live with them - they should stop being so uppity.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/02/2017 20:04

Poor Bert doesn't do single life, he got quite stressy when we took GP4 out for quiet cuddles and feeding (2 person job getting Critical Care into a non compliant toothy rodent)

We have them all in the small bedroom (its blowing a gale here).
GP7 and GP8 in a hastily assembled cage from the outdoor run.
GP4 and GP7 in the other cage, he's washing Trinitys ears now Sad

GP4 was the sweetest tempered little pig (except when they were in season when they were snippy )

Bert will have a dignified period of mourning then we'll see how another Wedding goes. I think he needs to miss the company to appreciate it, he has the girls on the other side of the bars to chat with for now.

OP posts:
Trottersindependenttraders · 23/02/2017 20:12

Sorry to hear this 70. A peaceful passing after a life of love is all you can ask for.

Sending coriander and cuddles for Bert Flowers

EastMidsGPs · 23/02/2017 20:18

Oh no Sad
Can we stop with all the deaths please?

So sorry to hear this 70 it sounds as if she passed peacefully and her life with you was full of love.

Am sure Bert will convince his reluctant girlfriends they'd make great wives or at least he is excellent husband material Wink

dietcokeandwine · 24/02/2017 00:13

So sorry to hear your news, 70 Sad

Thinking of you all. The dietcoke pigs send virtual squeaks and parsley to Bert.

PurpleDaisies · 24/02/2017 00:17

Sorry to hear about Gp4. Flowers

I'm sure you gave her such a happy life. Purple pigs send their hugs to Bert.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 24/02/2017 14:37

Thank You SFA people for the kind words.

I have just found a box big enough for GP4- I had two others but because of the way she was lying ( pancaked not croissanted) with her legs out behind her , I had to use a Lock'n'Lock breadbox which is 13" long and even then she's at a slight diagonal Shock

Arrange them tidily before rigour mortis sets in.

Ah , ya have to laugh or else you'd cry .

OP posts:
atheistmantis · 24/02/2017 18:05

So sorry :(

UnbornMortificado · 24/02/2017 18:10

Oh I'm sorry 70 Flowers

PurpleDaisies · 24/02/2017 18:11
Toottootcar · 24/02/2017 18:54

Really sorry to hear that. Sad Hope you and the other piggies are going to be ok tonight Flowers

dietcokeandwine · 24/02/2017 21:08

Flowers and Cake and Wine 70

You're right about having to laugh or you'd cry. My 7yo DS2 was absolutely aghast when he asked where our ginger pig was, and was told that he'd been cremated. Of course I then had to explain what cremation was ("what, mummy? You burned ginger pig? Into ashes? But that would hurt! Oh well. I suppose at least he was already dead.")

Hope you, DD and the other hogs are doing OK.

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