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Separating Guinea pigs as 1 is ill

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itsbetterthanabox · 17/10/2016 18:26

One of my little Guinea piggies has a cough Sad. Vet has given antibiotics and said to keep him separate from his brother for a week.
Do you think I should separate but keep them in the same room just not near each other?
Or separate and put them in completely different rooms?
I know they will call for each other and I'm wondering if being in the same room will be comforting or stressful for them.

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itsbetterthanabox · 17/10/2016 21:00


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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 17/10/2016 21:15

If he's having treatment then he's got that under his belt.
If its something like a cough, then if his brother was going to get ill, he would've done so by now.

I'd keep guineas in sight/chattering range rather than complete seperation , the stress to them mentally of being alone would outweigh any benefit to being apart.
And you would have a tougher job to re-introduce them if they spent time apart.

When my GP3 was having his last night on this earth, we took him out of the cage that he shared with his wives but gave him a C&C 'Hospital' Cage , mainly to give him peace.
They were fine, they didn't pick up what he had.
But we were reassured that he was able to be near his ladies.

Have you had to alter your boys bedding? Some hay can be a bit dusty, maybe put some in a looroll tube so he can still eat it, but give him an old towel to sleep on, make him cosy.

itsbetterthanabox · 17/10/2016 22:08

Thank you for your help!
He seems OK in himself just the cough.
Will keep him in the same room then. His brother seems fine. He didn't like the antibiotics!
Aw I'm sorry about your little pig.
We currently use fleece and hay cookies so not sure it's the bedding that caused it. Is there anything else that can?

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itsbetterthanabox · 17/10/2016 22:10

Do you mean like a towel in the covered bit for him to sleep on?
We've bought some care fresh now. We were hoping he could snuggle in that.

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