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Rabbit help

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TribbleTrouble · 15/08/2016 16:05

Hello, I'm looking after a friends rabbits this week. Two are fine with handling, the third (who I've nicknamed Kevin) is a bit less so. Does Kevin need to go in his run everyday? We were warned about him, but I feel a bit mean leaving him in the hutch all week. Any advice?

OP posts:
Gizlotsmum · 15/08/2016 16:06

Ideally he should go in the run. If he is hard to handle could he be transported between hutch and run with a carrier?

TribbleTrouble · 15/08/2016 16:16

He could be, they do have one. I thought of a towel possibly. I'll do the carrier then. Also, the floor of the hutch doesn't have much straw down, it's set on the patio with the sleeping hutch above it. Do I need to put more straw down?

OP posts:
Gizlotsmum · 15/08/2016 16:49

I wouldn't have thought so. They need hay but straw is really just bedding

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