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Rabbit Yes or No?

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desparatemum · 27/01/2007 11:43

Hi. My ds is soon to be 6 and would love a pet rabbit. He wanted one last year but I felt he was still too young so he ended up with a roboraptor instead!

Anyway as the big day approaches he keeps mentioning rabbits again. Question is should I get him one?

I had a rabbit for many years as a child (Pip lived to a ripe old age of 10) and used to carry him around with me and take him for walks, play in the garden, brush him etc but now everyone keeps telling me that you can't just have one rabbit and that they are no good for children as they might kick and bite. I was going to go to an animal rescue centre but they won't let you have just one.

So rabbit owners, what is the real story?? - Obviously I'm prepared to do all the cleaning out and stuff and am not expecting ds to do it.(not yet anyway!)

PS Really must change my name - not desperate anymore!

OP posts:
southeastastra · 27/01/2007 12:15

yes get one! i find it odd that they'll only let you get pairs, though to keep them together they'll need to be spayed.

Fillyjonk · 27/01/2007 12:15
kittylette · 27/01/2007 12:17

i wouldnt

but ive told my DS's/DF that there will never be any hairy pets in our home ... only snakes or lizzards

but if your prepared to clean it out then why not ??

he'll be thrilled

lulumama · 27/01/2007 12:23

we have a rabbit

it poos and wees more than i would have thought possible.....we only have one....she can be a bit of a cow...but she is terribly patient as DD posts all sorts of interesting things into her cage....she lives in the kitchen during the winter, as DH felt too sorry for her in the hutch outside,

we handle her a lot, a very lot, and she was a mite vicious at first, but after we had her spayed (?), she calmed down...she likes being cuddled, but you do have to concentrate on getting them used to being faffed with, or they can get nasty

and they need lots of running around space....3 -4 hours of excerecise a day !

desparatemum · 27/01/2007 15:32

Thanks for the replies. Yes my rabbit did leave an awful lot of presents for us!! As far as exercise goes my son can quite cheerfully play in the garden for 2 hours after school and the rabbit could come inside for a run about!

Will need to get a dwarf one as I think they are most peaceful (Stop sniggering Fillyjonk!!).

Off to google some research!

OP posts:
Fillyjonk · 27/01/2007 15:40

oh god it is just me reading it that way, clearly

humpydumpy · 27/01/2007 15:42

fillyjonk - you just beat me to it

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