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It's gonna be a long night!

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tobee · 27/07/2016 00:17

Force feeding my piggy critical care. She doesn't like it much but I'm shovelling it down.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/07/2016 00:25

Oh, Sad Bless her.

They don't like it, they'll either fight the syringe or get it all over their bibs.
Keep on keeping on.
It is vital to keep their innards working.

Whats the problem with piggie?

Have you got a warm box of hay to cosy her in?

GinBunny · 27/07/2016 00:35

Oh Tobee, we've been there too. What's wrong with your piggie?
Keep up with the meds, you've her best interests at heart even if she doesn't know that.
Sending Brew for you and Thanks for piggie.

tobee · 27/07/2016 00:52

Thank you! Strange breathing sounds took us to vet. Vet says its lower respitory infection. She injected her with antibiotics, some anti inflammatory, some sub cutaneous water. We have the sachets and baytril. I'm dong the critical care every hour. Then we noticed that she has a big lump by her cheek! Rang and spoke to vet. She didn't want to examine again and give her more stress and said keep up the feeding. She's in a cardboard box with one flap down for privacy. She had a teeny bit of parsley a minute ago but it was a false dawn. I wish she would just wee or poo.

Did this 4 years ago with another pig. It didn't work, but you have to try.

OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 27/07/2016 08:40

Hope all is well thus morning πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

tobee · 27/07/2016 10:23

Sadly Pepper died this morning. I was up in the night feeding her. I put her to bed after at seven. She'd taken quite a lot of feed I thought but she was very unhappy and her legs no longer seemed strong enough to hold her. I hoped that the food would move through her system but didn't have much hope. When I checked on her for the next feed she had died.

She was very beautiful and light grey coloured. I got to spend a lot of time with her with cuddles for her last hours despite upsetting her with the force feeding. She was nearly 4. Always previously healthy. Now I have to tell my daughter, whose Guinea pig Pepper was.

OP posts:
tobee · 27/07/2016 10:24

Posted too soon. My daughter is away.

OP posts:
tobee · 27/07/2016 10:25

Thanks for the kind good wishes.

OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 27/07/2016 11:44

Sad sorry to hear this. Always grim to lose a treasured pig. Sounds like she had a good full life until yesterday and great that her last hours were spent in cuddles.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/07/2016 17:50

Very Sad to see a piggie go to The Bridge.
They do go downhill quickly and it doesn't get easier each time.
You need to do what you can for them and cross your fingers.
Our GP3 had the injections and subcutaneous saline - they don't do injections well, I held him so that he fell out with me (and the vet) not my DD.

You can rest assured that her last hours were cosy and safe, I think once they reach a certain level of Meh , you don't pull them back, even though you try to convince them it's For Their Own Good .

tobee · 27/07/2016 23:55

Now dd is asking if we'll get another as a companion to our surviving one. It's tempting but I'm thinking more sadness down the line!

OP posts:
fortifiedwithtea · 29/07/2016 03:57

So sorry Pepper passed away. I know what you mean re: more sadness. I am not allowed anymore piggies after the current elderly girls go as I get too upset Sad

Nearly 4 is a bit borderline. You might find a companion in rescue a similar age. Our local rescue doesn't re-home older pigs but keeps them in their sanctuary for elderly guineas where they live out their days together. If your remaining piggy shows signs of depression get another guinea pig.

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