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NannyPlumsRuleofThumb · 21/07/2016 09:35

Hello I've been lurking on here for a while and need some Piggie experts for advice.

At the moment we have three pigs, they are on hay bedding with a thick newspaper layer underneath. This is topped up daily with fresh hay and then cleaned out twice a week.

When the winter comes they will be moving back indoors (in one of dcs bedrooms) but I really don't want to use hay bedding. What can I use?

I've tried:-
Hay- makes the room dusty and ends up everywhere
Wood shavings- as above
Auboise- as above
Fleece- too much work sweeping up poos all day and washing fleece all the time.
Newspaper- gets wet too quickly
Carefresh- I've not tried it but it's soo expensive.

Am I missing something perfect or does it not exisit. I know there's been loads of bedding threads in the past, but I can't find the perfect solution.

OP posts:
mrsfuzzy · 23/07/2016 11:01

i have 6 indoor girls who have sawdust and straw, hay in troughs, as a rule they don't race around kicking stuff out, there is a a small amount but i keep a dust pan and brush to hand with a carrier bag for tidying up. when i clean them i put a dust sheet down and that keeps mess to miminium.

mrsfuzzy · 23/07/2016 11:07

meant to add, i don't use newspaper because of wetness, ime sawdust is better but not the really fine stuff, wee drops through the straw and keeps cage drier, hay troughs av. on amazon and pet stores keeps hay off the ground, clean and dry, less likely to 'escape' and be dusty, nicer for the girls too as it gives them exercise 'working' for their food.- think gym gear and dumb bells Grin.

FernieB · 23/07/2016 11:15

I don't think there is a perfect solution, it's a case of finding what works best for you and how much work you're prepared to do. Mine are indoors and on newspaper (I have a plentiful supply). I've found it to be the easiest option. I just roll it up each day and throw it away - it's quick and easy to clean them out.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/07/2016 12:54

Last winter with 3 pigs-
I used puppy pads in the 2 sides where they slept/sat
a rubber trug to sleep on with a folded piece of fleece/shredded card looroll if I had enough
haycookies - solid blocks of hay, much less messy. They still need to eat hay but if they had fleece they didn't need sleeping hay

this only worked for me because I threw the fleece out every day. I bought cheap/reduced fleeces from Primark on sale and cut into 4 pieces.
I love my washing machine too much too give it pig bedding and I didn't want a stinky bed lying about.

Every morning when they went out to the pighouse, I rolled it all up, in a bag, quick spray with cage cleaner .

This year, I have 5, I need to think where they'll all go (I have a small spare room, I'll need the C&C and the indoor cage)

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