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Kitten tips please

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Imsosorryalan75 · 12/07/2016 21:25

We are getting 2 gorgeous kittens ( sisters) in a few weeks. We have been frantically reading as much as we can, having never owned cats before.
Just wondered if you could give us any tips?

OP posts:
FernieB · 12/07/2016 22:11

Congrats on your new additions to your familyFlowers. Unfortunately I have no clue about cats, although I'm sure there are other people on here with plenty of experience, but if you pop over to 'The Litter Tray', there are lots of moggy minded folk who would love to talk kitten.

Mycatsabastard · 12/07/2016 22:21

OOOH! First rule is you have to go to the Litter Tray when you get them and post photos otherwise we will never talk to you again :o

You will need:

Litter trays (2) preferably with lids
Litter (Try OKO Best cat litter, order online, huge sack, lasts ages)
Scoop for scooping the trays
Cheap nappy sacks for putting clumps of wee and poo in

Beds - two although they may share but give them the option to have their own space
Bowls - two for water, two for food. Plus a dry food bowl or dispenser.

Toys - screwed up bits of paper are great fun. Don't go mad on buying stuff until they are bigger.

I'd suggest putting them in one room where you can leave the door shut and have everything they need in it. Don't put food bowls next to the litter tray. Spend time sitting on the floor and let them come to you. You may find them really attached to you straight away or they may hide.

You'll need to get them neutered and microchipped once they are a few months old, normally six months. Don't let them out before then unless you have a completely secure garden. Kittens and cats can squeeze through very small gaps. They will need injections as well. And flea drops. And worming tablets. Flea and worm stuff can be bought online and need to be done monthly once they are venturing outdoors.

If you have indoor plants they may shred them. Ditto curtains, beds, furniture and anything else they can reach. Buy a cat scratching post, or a cat tree with one on.

But I am soooo jealous. Enjoy your new fur babies. They will have completely different personalities and will make you laugh, cry with frustration (when they sick up on the rug) and you will love them to bits.

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